Allow Categories

Allow Categories is a plugin that allows you to permission different user to view only…

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WP Cassify

The plugin is a JASIG CAS Client. It performs CAS authentication and autorization for WordPress.

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wpCAS integrates WordPress into an established CAS architecture, allowing centralized management and authentication of user…

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Magic Password

Magic Password is a free security plugin, which allows you to log in by scanning…

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This plugin protects your registration, login and comment forms against spambots with a simple math…

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Secure XML-RPC

More secure wrapper for the WordPress XML-RPC interface.

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Invites system for WordPress, (WordPress MU and BuddyPress – CURRENTLY BUGGY)!

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No Disposable Email

This plugin protects your registered user base by preventing registration with a disposable email addresse…

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Maven Member

Maven Member™ lets you protect pages, posts and categories using flexible roles that you can…

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