Discontinued: Srizon Social Album :Do Not Install


This plugin is no longer supported. Facebook made things difficult.


Do not install


25 Januari 2019
I've got the token but i don't know where to paste it.. i've several galleries...
12 Juni 2018
Plug in works and Author is very helpful reply quickly and give solutions. I will give 5 star feedback when he add the facebook album description to the plug in on next update.
22 Mei 2018
Very good plugin with an author that responds quickly to problems. Very highly recommended!
22 Februari 2018
Hello, a. Created facebook app in https://developers.facebook.com/apps, with platform as website. b. Copied appid, app secret id and user access token from https://developers.facebook.com/apps/<NewlyCreatedAppForMyWebsite>. i am assuming that the "client token" in https://developers.facebook.com/apps/<NewlyCreatedAppForMyWebsite>=> settings=> advanced is the same as 'user access token'. c. Added a gallery and a album in my website, both do not work. What am i missing? update: seems this works with facebook groups page but not with a facebook page. Is this a true statement?
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Log Perubahan


  • Token replacer tool and script fix


  • New way of getting access token and creating albums/galleries


  • Fixed a bug related to getting token (introduced by some api update by facebook)


  • Multi-site support
  • Some language text (Album:, [Back to Gallery]) can be overridden from admin panel directly (credit: Lex Marion)
  • Fixed a bug that was showing backslash before single and double quote submitted by different forms


  • Personal Facebook Profiles & Restricted Facebook Pages are now supported (you need authenticate the app for this)
  • Translation file template added (pot). You can now translate this into your own language
  • Admin interface is improved


  • Newer APP id/secret problem resolved
  • Auto Scroll on scroller layouts