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Spam Honey Pot


This plugin works by adding a textarea field to the comment form that’s hidden using a CSS style. Since bots don’t
generally detect CSS like this, they proceed to fill out the field like any other field. This implies that they
aren’t a human (or they wouldn’t “see” the field with CSS hiding it) using a browser, in which case the plugin
marks the comment as spam. This seems to catch the vast majority of spam with very few false results and doesn’t
require contacting a third party service like most spam plugins.


  1. Upload spam-honeypot.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Be sure that your theme implements <?php do_action('comment_form'); ?> in comments.php and comments-popup.php
  4. Optionally, go to the plugin’s settings page and change the hidden textarea name and/or specify the submit
    button name; hover your mouse cursor over each of these fields for more details


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30 September 2016
Honey pot method seems simple but it works effectively. Maybe it cannot counter manual SPAM but since most of SPAM are from robot, this plugin tackles it tremendously.
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  • Added a settings page allowing the name of the hidden textarea to be set and the name attribute value of the
    comment form’s submit button to be specified
  • Added a check for the submit button value (if specified) to check_honeypot()


  • Initial release.