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SocialMediaStream: Show all your social media network posts in one social media stream.


SocialMediaStream is a service that allows you to enter in the name of your social media accounts and will automatically extract the posts from these social media networks and embed them into any of your pages with an easy shortcode. will automatically update the streams whenever you create posts for your social media accounts.

To use this plugin you must create an account on Then you must create a stream and add social media sources to it.


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  • An example Social Media Stream


Download the plugin zip file, unzip it, and upload it to your wordpress site under the /wp-content/plugins directory.

Sign up via and create a free trial account.

Once you’ve done that you can use the shortcode: [socialmediastream stream="YOUR_STREAM_ID"] in any post or page

To get your stream shortcode:

  • Sign into your account on
  • Copy the shortcode from the left side menu.

Alternately, you can add the feed to your template directly if you like using PHP. Here’s an example: <?php socialmediastream('stream=YOUR_STREAM_ID'); ?>

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What is SocialMediaStream?

SocialMediaStream is a service that allows you to create an embeddable stream of all your social media accounts. It’s great for increasing brand awareness and engagment and for providing fresh and interesting content for your website with very little work. It auto updates every day, pulling in any new posts, so your feed will always be fresh with your latest social media posts.

It’s not working for me!

Sorry to hear that! Give us a shout on our Contact Page and we’ll help you out!

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24 September 2018
Een makkelijke manier om alle kanalen in één stream op de website te krijgen. Erg fijn dat je zelf kunt kiezen welke berichten wel of niet vertoond worden in de stream. Ook prettig dat de stream volledig aan de stijl van mijn website aangepast kan worden.
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