Social Link Pages: link-in-bio landing pages for your social media profiles


Whether you’re an artist, musician, entrepreneur, or influencer, with the Social Link Pages plugin, create unlimited, targeted, link-in-bio landing pages for all your social media profiles. Share with your tribe, your followers, your fans, and your customers. The plugin uses your own domain for better branding, so your pages look more professional and trustworthy.

The Social Link Pages WordPress plugin in 60 seconds:

Social Link Pages are designed with a mobile-first, responsive approach, so they look great on any device. With customization options such as links, buttons, images, and colors, you can create a personalized touch that reflects your brand.

For businesses looking to grow their email list, the plugin offers Mailchimp and Convertkit sign-up integration and a built-in contact form, making it easy for your followers to engage and communicate with you.

Perhaps the most significant advantage of the Social Link Pages plugin is that it is GDPR-compliant, ensuring that all data is hosted on your server. This means that you have full control over your data and can protect your users’ privacy. And all traffic is directed to your website!

Capture emails. Grow your audience. Drive traffic. Promote your new book, album, or product. All for free! The WordPress alternative to Linktree,,, and more.

Check out our Social Link Page:


  • Create unlimited, targeted, link-in-bio pages for all your social profiles, for your art, album, poem, recipe, or whatever you create
  • Social Link Page urls use your own domain for better branding
  • Social Link Pages are mobile-first, responsive, and look great on any device
  • Customize your pages with links, colors, buttons, images, and more
  • Edit your pages in seconds from your phone, tablet, or desktop, built into the WordPress admin
  • In-depth analytics: See how many people viewed each page and which buttons they click on most
  • Mailchimp and Convertkit sign-up integration
  • Built-in contact form
  • GDPR-compliant because all data is hosted on your server

Then get more out of your pages with the Social Link Pages Pro add-on.

Why Social Link Pages Pro?

  • Custom favicon
  • Use a Link Page as your homepage
  • Custom SEO options
  • Extra styles like gradient backgrounds
  • Extra button options like colors and animation
  • Extra sections for sharing pages and modals
  • Extended help from us
  • And more!

Tangkapan Layar

  • Once installed, the plugin adds a new "Link Pages" section to your WordPress admin.
  • Create as many new link pages as you want - one for each channel, each product, etc.
  • View how many people have visited your page, and what they clicked on.
  • Create new pages in a couple of clicks.
  • Use the quick and easy page builder to customize your landing page. Preview your changes right on the page.
  • Add sections like images, link buttons, or a Mailchimp subscription form.
  • Add links to all of your social profiles for quick access by your customers, followers or fans.
  • Customize your page with colors and images, and add your own tracking for better analytics.
  • Integrate with external analyics, so all your stats are in one place.
  • Your page is live! It looks great on all devices.
  • Visitors can sign up for Mailchimp or ConvertKit right from your link-in-bio pagse.

Tanya Jawab

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to common questions.


6 Maret 2023 1 balasan
This plugin was easy to install and implement. The Free version is feature-packed and looked so great I went ahead and upgraded to Paid to support the developer. Definitely a great "linktree" alternative!
24 Februari 2022 1 balasan
I love it more than all other and paid versions. Export and Import setting is perfect option for working on localhost. east to use. But Need more ui options with custom css or more. I did it to change master link-page-template until update 🙂
4 Januari 2022 1 balasan
I cannot recommend enough this plugin. It is amazing, great, handy and fast. A must for anyone who wants to be agile in the social media - in my case, as a musician, I host everything in my website without depending on other services.
29 November 2021 1 balasan
The plugin broke the design and is very limited in terms of manipulation and achieving something beautiful. Do not lose your time on it.
5 Oktober 2021 1 balasan
This is an awesome plugin that simply works. Beside the usual "linktree functions" you can find nice things like FB & Google pixel implementation, statistic overview & easy to use design options. This is even in the free edition(!) The best thing of them all is, that in case of any inconvenience you'll receive a AAA+ service in no time. This is more than you expected? Well, I told you 😉
Baca semua 17 ulasan

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