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SMSpay Payment Gateway for WooCommerce


SMSpay Payment Gateway for WooCommerce allows Norwegian merchants to accept payments via SMS on WooCommerce, using the service.

You can receive payments in two ways:
– Via operator
– VISA/Mastercard

All the user needs, is to send an SMS. It’s that easy.

The checkout is the same as a normal checkout, with the advantage of faster and easier payements, driving more conversions.

It’s free to get started; you only pay per transaction (SMS payments only).

NOTE: You can also use SMSpay for offline transactions and donations outside of WooCommerce.


  1. Upload the plugin
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Click the menu item WooCommerce => Settings => Checkout => SMSpay
  4. Click the link to sign up (it’s free!)
  5. Enter fields, and click to activate before hitting Save. That’s it!

Tanya Jawab

Is SMSpay a good fit for my shop?

SMSpay is excellent for:

  • Memberships and subscriptions
  • Virtual products
  • Books and magazines
  • Events
  • Basically: products cheaper than 1000 NOK

You can however use SMSpay for all kinds of products and prices, by enabling the card option. A monthly fee is needed for this.

The card option let’s you store the user’s VISA, and trigger payment from that card via SMS later.

When is SMSpay a bad fit
  • For products costing more than 1000 NOK
  • Electronics and jewellery

Again: use the card option if these limitations are bad for you.

What are the prices?
  • Signup fee: FREE
  • Monthly fee: FREE
  • Transaction: In Norway, the standard fee per transaction is 6% + 3 NOK
How do I know the exact payout amount?

See the report in

Can I use SMSpay in my country?

SMSpay is currently available for payments in Norwegian Kroner (NOK)


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  • Update translations


  • Remove non-Norwegians prefixes


  • Fix shipping total on payment confirmation


  • Add sandbox mode
  • Fix broken order status update
  • Fix subtotal tax calculation
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  • Fix broken signup link
  • Fix language issue for Norwegian


  • First public release of the plugin.