Affiliate Platform


A great way to Boost Online Store Sales with this Referral Program.

This plugin allows your customers to sign up for affiliate programs and earn a reward for referring products. Full-fledged affiliate module that allows admin to change percentage of each customer or product.

You can also change the cookie duration.

Tangkapan Layar

  • SMDP Referral Platform Settings - Global Settings for Administrator. General Commission Percentage Amount, Cookie Duration and Email addresses.
  • User Account Management - Referral ID, and Commission Percentage Limit for User.
  • Woocommerce Product Editor - Commission Percentage Amount Limit for Product.
  • Frontend Product Page - Display the referral link and Specific Commission Percentage Amount for the Product, that user can use on his blog, or social, email etc.


Just follow the standard WordPress plugin installation procedure.

Tanya Jawab

There is no referral link to the product

The seller of the product, or the eshop administrator, decides which of the products will have a referral link, as well as the percentge amount of the commission for each product separately.

How disable referral link for a specific user?

Set Referral persentage amount to -1 on the User Account Management.

How disable referral link for a specific product or variation?

Set Referral persentage amount to -1 on the Product/variation editor.


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