Simple Form- Advance Drag and Drop builder with easy leads collection to social redirection


Introducing “Simple Form” – Your Free Solution for Seamless Form Creation and Leads Collection with Leads Redirection to WhatsApp

Are you seeking a hassle-free way to create and manage contact/lead forms on your WordPress website without breaking the bank? Look no further! “Simple Contact Form for WordPress” is here to simplify your form-building journey and streamline your data collection process, all at absolutely no cost. The plugin is mainly brought to users by using this theory of how to create custom forms without knowing any programming language.

It’s a simple contact form that lets you easily create forms via the drag-and-drop feature. You can use this form using a shortcode anywhere on your website. It’s totally free to collect all leads from the created forms.

Works across all operating systems including Android, iOS, and macOS. No settings are needed.

Simple Form Features

  1. Drag and Drop Form Builder –Creating forms has never been this intuitive. With our drag and drop form builder, you can effortlessly design and customize forms to your heart’s content. Say goodbye to coding hassles and hello to a seamless form-building experience. Simply drag and drop elements to craft the perfect form that suits your needs.

  2. Seamless Lead Collection – Gathering leads should be a breeze, and that’s precisely what we offer. Our plugin allows you to effortlessly collect leads by placing forms anywhere on your website using a simple shortcode. No more struggling with complicated integrations or worrying about where to put your forms – it’s as easy as copy and paste.

  3. Redirection to WhatsApp – Now, you can offer your users the convenience of initiating a WhatsApp chat directly from your forms. Whether it’s for inquiries, support, or quick questions, this feature takes user engagement to a whole new level.

But that’s not all! “Simple Form” offers a range of additional benefits:

Responsive Design: Your forms will look and function flawlessly on all devices, ensuring that your users have a smooth experience whether they’re on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Lead Management: Easily access and manage the leads you’ve collected, all from within your intuitive dashboard. No more sifting through emails or manual data entry.

Shortcode Magic: Our simple shortcode integration makes it effortless to place forms wherever you need them on your website. It’s like magic, but better!

Instant Gratification: Start using “Simple Form” today, and experience instant results. No steep learning curve, no hidden fees – just a powerful form builder at your fingertips.

Redirection to WhatsApp: Connect Like Never Before

In today’s world, seamless communication is key. That’s why we’ve introduced the Redirection to WhatsApp feature. Now, you can offer your users the convenience of initiating a WhatsApp chat directly from your forms. Whether it’s for inquiries, support, or quick questions, this feature takes user engagement to a whole new level. Make it easy for your audience to reach out and connect with you effortlessly.

Floating Widgets: Elevate User Experience

We understand the importance of user experience, and that’s why we’ve added Floating Widgets. These sleek and customizable widgets can be placed anywhere on your website, ensuring that your forms are easily accessible to your visitors at all times. Float your forms strategically to capture leads, gather feedback, or facilitate engagement without disrupting your website’s flow.

Say goodbye to form-building frustrations and hello to “Simple Form.” Create, collect, and conquer with the ultimate form-building solution. Download now and see for yourself why “Simple Form” is the preferred choice for savvy website owners like you. Simplify, collect, and thrive with “Simple Form.”

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How to Use

After activating the plugin navigate to your Admin Dashboard > Simple Form > Form and from there build your required form using drag and drop. Next save it with any form name.
You will then automatically be redirected to the “Data” page, from there you can edit your form or create a form on any of your pages or posts using the shortcode.

Tangkapan Layar

  • Form Dashboard
  • Form Builder- Advance Drag & Drop with TypeScript
  • Leads view page
  • Leads view page
  • Settings Page
  • Floating Widgets


  1. Upload files to the /wp-content/plugins/simple-form directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress


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Log Perubahan

2.2.5 – 10 NOV 2023

  • Improvement: Enhanced compatibility to support WordPress 6.4

2.2.4 – 22 OCT 2023

  • Fix: Minor bug fixes for compatibility issues

2.2.3 – 04 OCT 2023

  • Fix: Fix delete uniqueId error

2.2.2 – 03 OCT 2023

  • New: UI Improvement

2.2.1 – 03 OCT 2023

  • New: Improvement Canvas editor side panel

2.2.0 – 23 SEP 2023

  • New: Add design panel
  • New: Form customization feature
  • New: WPCS 3.0 compatibility

2.1.7 – 22 SEP 2023

  • Fix: Fix position of required text

2.1.6 – 21 SEP 2023

  • Fix: Add validation in form submission
  • Fix: Minor UI improve
  • Fix: Code clean and refactor

2.1.5 – 20 SEP 2023

  • Fix: Fix floating Widgets not working in testWP site

2.1.4 – 12 SEP 2023

  • Fix: Assets loading problem fix

2.1.3 – 28 AUG 2023

  • Fix: Desin update

2.1.2 – 27 AUG 2023

  • Fix: Console error fix with JS loading error

2.1.1 – 14 AUG 2023

  • Fix: Floating widgets design

2.1.0 – 20 AUG 2023

  • New: Improvement Simple Form settings panel
  • New: Floating widgets
  • New: WhatsApp redirection

2.0.4 – 15 AUG 2023

  • New: Add details view of modal
  • Improvement: Leads page view
  • Fix: leds break when field added

2.0.3 – 01 AUG 2023

  • New: Elementor support
  • Improvement: Add required, toggle and form validation
  • Fix: Form design

2.0.2 – 29 JULY 2023

  • Improvement: Add guide video

2.0.1 – 26 MAY 2023

  • Fix: Menu selection
  • Improvement: WordPress 6.3 Compatible

2.0.0 – 31 MAR 2023

  • Improvement: Revamp version with latest technology

1.0.2 – 11 FEB 2023

  • Fix: Fix minor bugs.

1.0.1 – 28 JAN 2023

  • Fix: Minor bug fixes for compatibility issues.
  • Fix: Icon update.

1.0.0 – 28 DEC 2022

  • Inital commit of plugin