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Shortcode Enablr


Shortcode Enablr will allow shortcodes to display in ACF fields and Yoast SEO title fields. By default, shortcodes will not work properly in many 3rd party plugins that create non-standard fields.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to use shortcodes in these text fields, then our plugin is for you!

We’ve made this plugin to work alongside The Insertr, our free Dynamic Keyword Insertion tool for WordPress.


To add shortcodes to ACF fields or Yoast SEO title fields, navigate to the Shortcode Enablr settings and select the service where you want to enable shortcodes. Hit save and you’re ready to go!


You can download the latest release as a .zip then head over to your site to install this manually.

Once this plugin has been approved on the WordPress marketplace we will update the repository with a link.

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Q – I want to use shortcode in a plugin field that isn’t currently listed, can I request it?
A – Sure!


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