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28 Mei 2021
It completely takes over your user account details page. Once you set up a new user, you can never go back to edit that user account again. You are forced into the WP Author Bio version of the user account details, which means there are some things you can no longer access (e.g. Profile Picture). I forgot to add a profile picture for one of our authors, and now I can't add it because there's no option to do so through this add-on and I can't access the default WP users details pages.
18 Agustus 2017
Hello, I am using the "StoreVilla" Wordpress theme Version 1.0.3 and this plugin works perfectly for it. I just wanted to let you know. Thanks for the great plugin! Maria
3 September 2016 1 balasan
Thank you for a well thought-out plugin. Works great and great work!!
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