SecurePay For WooCommerce


Now you can integrate major Malaysian payment channel in your WooCommerce shop.

Use our premium short URL:,,,,,, and more. E.g: or or you can use your own domain name.

SecurePay payment platform plugin for WooCommerce.

Our pricing is on per transaction. No startup fees & monthly fees.

SecurePay is secure.

We are certified with ISO/IEC 15408 (pending)

Install this plugin to enable online payment using online banking (for Malaysian banks only).

Please visit signup page or email to create a SecurePay account and start receiving payments.

Contact us through email if you have any questions or comments about this plugin.


Make sure that you already have WooCommerce plugin installed and activated.

Step 1:

  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard
  • Go to Plugins > Add New
  • Search SecurePay

Step 2:

  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.

Step 3:

  • Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments
  • Click Manage

Step 4:

  • Fill in your Token, Checksum Token, UID Token. You can retrieve your credentials from your SecurePay account.
  • Make sure the ‘Enable this payment gateway’ is ticked.
  • Click Save to save changes.

Contact us through email if you have any questions or comments about this plugin.


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Log Perubahan

1.0.16 (26-07-2021)

  • Updated Affin bank logo

1.0.15 (26-07-2021)

  • Fixed WC_Gateway_SecurePay::process_payment() -> wc_doing_it_wrong: replace update_post_meta “_payment_method_title, _payment_method” with $order->set_payment_method_title, $order->set_payment_method.
  • Fixed WC_Gateway_SecurePay::process_payment() -> wp_doing_it_wrong: replace $order->data with $order->get_data().
  • Added: support for cancel_url, timeout_url for gateway endpoint.
  • Tested up to: 5.8

1.0.14 (11-03-2021)

  • Fixed WC_Gateway_SecurePay::process_payment() -> wc_doing_it_wrong: replace $order->id with $order->get_id().
  • Fixed Setting page -> typo Sandbox Token Token.

1.0.13 (05-03-2021)

  • Fixed responsive bank image on safari iphone.

1.0.12 (22-01-2021)

  • Replace bank image.

1.0.11 (22-01-2021)

  • Fixed wording.

1.0.10 (22-01-2021)

  • Fixed missing max-height.
  • Fixed bank image.

1.0.9 (21-01-2021)

  • Fixed checkout bank logo -> set css max-height = none

1.0.8 (21-01-2021)

  • Added “Use checkout bank logo” option.

1.0.7 (19-12-2020)

  • Fixed securepay-checkout.js -> backward-compatible with wp 5.5 jquery.

1.0.6 (09-12-2020)

  • Fixed bank list -> remove transient on shutdown .
  • Fixed securepay-checkout.js -> only proceed if payment method is securepay.

1.0.5 (09-12-2020)

  • Fixed checkout button -> compatibility with wp 5.6
  • Fixed securepay-checkout.js -> use self executing function to avoid conflict with other plugin.
  • Added auto-updates option.


  • Fixed undefined SECUREPAY constant.


  • Fixed bank list css.


  • Repo cleanup


  • Code refactoring.
  • Fixed callback order note


  • Initial release.