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Perfect Client Testimonial by

Rtd Client Testimonial is one of the best custom plugin to publish your unlimited clients testimonial with your clients image. Anybody can able to use this plugin easily. You can add clients testimonial by using this plugin anywhere in your websites like Pages,Posts, Widgets etc. with its lots of amazing features.

Plugin Features

  • Shortcode System.

  • WordPress Custom Post Enabled.

  • You can change clients name and designation color

  • Easy to Use.

  • You can use it in posts or pages.

  • Just use this shortcode [rtd_testimonial] where you want show the testimonial.

    What You Get From This Current version 1.0.0

    • Your clients-feedback changes automatically that now autoplay is true.

    SO, Enjoy more the plugins.

Tangkapan Layar

  • This is the view of the admin panel page

  • This is the view of the plugin when you add this in the any page or footer of the post

  • This is the view of the plugin when you add this in the widgets in your sites


Via WordPress –

  1. Install as a regular WordPress plugin.

  2. Now go to Testimonial Menu to create New testimonial.After create that your testimonial to ready for use.

3.Then go to Your desire post/page/custom post or Text widget and past the short code [rtd_testimonial]

  1. you could use for .php file any where <?php echo do_shortcode('[rtd_testimonial]'); ?>

Via FTP –

  1. Upload .zip file to your WordPress plugin directory and unzip it.

  2. Go your Plugins setting via WordPress Dashboard and activate it.

  3. Then Publish some post on by go to’testimonial’ and ‘Add-new’ post type with thumbnail.

  4. and use this shortcode anywhere to display [rtd_testimonial]

  5. you could use for .php file any where <?php echo do_shortcode('[rtd_testimonial] '); ?>

Tanya Jawab

  1. Is it a Responsive Plugin?

    Ans: Yes.

  2. Have any options to contact for solve our problem?

    Ans: Ofcourse,why not. Just mail us or comments to solve your problem.


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