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Review Box


Provides a shortcode for use by reviewers.

Generates a box, for use in a post or page, with a section for Pros, a section for Cons, and a review bar.

The review bar is generated through CSS, and so the plugin contains NO images.


This plugin generates a simple shortcode to use.
That shortcode is [review pros="" cons="" score=]

The paramiters are required for proper output.
They are as follows
* pros: Anything you find good about the item being reviewed. Typically a comma seperated list
* cons: Anything bad about the product at hand. A comma seperated list as well
* score: This MUST be a number. There can be nothing following it, nor anything before it. A good example of the way to fill it out would be score=45 for an item that scored 45%

You can also provide the following optional paramiters, for your useage
* verdict: The final verdict for the item being reveiwed
* title: The title of the review box, defaults to review. Set it to none
to hide the title. You CAN enter shortcodes and html for custom links.

Tangkapan Layar

  • Example of this plugin’s output. Quite clean, isnt it?


  1. Upload the review-box directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. In a post, place [review pros="list of pros" cons="list of cons" score=75] where you would like the box to appear

You can optionally add custom titles and verdicts.
Custom titles are defined using the title= property, ex title='Custom
. If you do not want to display the title box at all, set title to

For the verdict box, add verdict='final verdict'. This is optional as well

Tanya Jawab

Do i have to fill out all 3 properties

No, but it is reccomended. If you do not fill them out, they will have a default value.

The default values are fairly amusing.

If you do not fill out the score value, the plugin will default to 100

What format should the score value be in

The score should be an integer between 0 and 100. It will ultimately come out as a percentage.
The score does not need a % sign following it. Adding one will make the sky fall on your head

The score gets messed up! Help

This is probably because you added a % (percent) sign to the end of the
score property. All you need to input is a number


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Log Perubahan


  • No longer uses percents to format width. Width is controlled
    programattically. To change, adjust variable $width in the plugin file.
  • Added title and verdict options. If title is set to none, no title is
  • Changed structure of plugin, now has a cleaner return
  • Tweaked CSS, added text shadows
  • Updated to work with 2.8.*


  • Fixed Css width, now renders at proper size
  • Added border to deliniate total section.


  • Fixed stupid commit bug


  • Fixed CSS loading bug.
  • Added screenshot


  • Created plugin