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Restaurant Bookings


Start receiving bookings from the website of your restaurant in a simple way and free.

Receive orders directly from your web page to your kitchen allowing clients to choose between delivery or take away.

Manage all the essential information of your restaurant, situation map, contact form, opening hours, menus, daily specials and verified reviews of your customers.

Find in all the functionality that your restaurant’s website may enjoy for free.

Restaurant Bookings by Listae, free booking and order management system for restaurants

Total freedom to manage your online reservations:

  • with automatic confirmation according to the availability set up by the restaurant.
  • with manual confirmation one by one as restaurant receive notifications by email or by web app.
  • enable bookings prepaid deposits and say goodbye to empty tables for not showns.

On-line orders, takeaway and delivery

  • Define your products catalog, availability for delivery or take away, products variations (sizes, ingredients, cooking options, extras).
  • Set up your orders calendar, allowed times and day ranges, delivery zones by postal code, delivery cost and minimun order amount.
  • Do not have own ryders for your delivery? Try our Stuart integration in cities where available.
  • Allow on-line payments with Stripe to have yours orders guaranteed at the lowest cost.

The reviews of YOUR clients on YOUR website

  • After 24 hours from a confirmed on-line reservation your client will receive an email to comment on the service received. If you have choose to automaticaly publish these feedbacks, the certified opinion will be shown on your website (no edition allowed).
  • Embed the review form on your website and manage your clients feedback.

Menu and set menus of the restaurant

  • Show the full restaurant gastronomic offer with images of each dish, price, sizes and other options.
  • Include your menus and offers and allow them to be bookable:
    • define fixed days of the week, range of dates or time in which they can be booked.
    • set up maximum number, in total or by time ranges.

Map and contact forms

  • Show the location of your restaurant on a map, your phones and social networks, embed a contact form with anti spam validation and reception in the restaurant contact email.
  • Make it easy for celebrations including the group event request form.

Opening details

  • Your opening hours, with distinction between opening hours and kitchen service hours, upcoming closures or special openings.
  • Different calendars for your different services, restaurant, bookings, delivery and take away.

How does it work?

You can enter content in any page or post through a shortcode:
* click on the body of the editor where you want to enter the content of Restaurant Bookings.
* click on the green Listae icon that is in the editor’s tool panel [æ].
* in case you manage several restaurants, select the one from which you want to include the content.
* select the type of content we want to include, form, menu, menu group, set menu, oppenings, map, reviews,…
* click on [OK]

There is also the possibility of introducing content through widgets:
* in the widgets section, select any of the plugin widgets (æ: Reservations, æ: Opinions, æ: Map, æ: Openings, …)
* select the widgets bar where you want to include it and click on [Add widget]
* each of the widgets has independent configurable parameters that can be customized once added: show last opinion, link to contact form page,…


  • have a registered account at (free)
  • have one or more businesses registered and visible on (free)
  • php-curl library installed on your server. More information at

Register in and do not forget to activate the booking system.

Tangkapan Layar

  • Detail of insertion of content from Listae in a post
  • Detail of booking form
  • Detail of menu
  • Detail of reviews


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  • Restaurant Bookings


Installing the plugin is very simple, you can do it automatically:

  1. From the “Plugins / Add one” section of your wordpress administration.
  2. Search “Restaurant Bookings”.
  3. Press Install.
  4. Go to the “Plugins” section and press activate in your plugin.
  5. Finally, a message will appear to connect your website to Listae, follow the instructions and you will have completed the installation.

You can also do it manually.

  1. Download the plugin (see link on the right Download Version XXX)
  2. Unzip and upload the restaurant-bookings directory to the wp-content / plugins / folder of your WordPress installation
  3. Go to the “Plugins” section and click on activate in your plugin
  4. Finally, a message will appear for you to connect with Listae, follow the instructions and you will have completed the installation

Restaurant Bookings requires that you have the php-curl library installed on your server. More information at

Tanya Jawab

¿How much it cost?

Restaurant Bookings is 100% free.

How do I manage the destination email of the forms?

Restaurant Bookings forms will send you a copy of the form content (reservation, contact, opinion, group request) to the email of your restaurant set up at

I can not insert the reservation form

If the option to insert the reservation form is not shown make sure you have set up your email and authorized the reception of communications, that you have configured at least the opening hours calendar of the restaurant and that you have activated the online reservation system.

It does not allow me to select a menu / set menu

It is possible that the menu or the set menu that you have just entered in takes a little while to be available to be published on your website, wait few minutes and it should appear. Make sure anyway that you have marked it as visible.


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