Remove Block Library Styles


If you’re anything like me or my clients, you probably can’t think of anything you care less about than the Gutenberg block editor. If you’ve had a gutful of your website performance being unnecessarily penalised and/or causing presentation conflicts because of the forced block editor styles, then this this plugin is for you.

FYI: This plugin kills front-end block editor CSS for WordPress core, WooCommerce and the Storefront theme. You’re welcome.

It goes without saying (I’ll say it anyway) that if you rely on the block editor for front-end presentation, then steer clear of this plugin.

How to use

  • Just activate this plugin, nothing to configure.
  • Get on with the rest of your day (optional).

How it works

This plugin simply runs a function to dequeue the aforementioned Gutenberg styles from the front-end of your website. It does not interact with your database.


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