Random One Cat Widget


There are times when you’d like to have a certain type of post appear in a widget for use in your sidebar or (in some themes) your header or footer.

I used this to display a random senryu on each page, but it will work equally well for any group of reasonably small posts.

There is the option to include the title of the post, the title of the widget, both titles, or neither.

If you want you can add a bunch of widgets, each showing up to five random posts from a different category.


Installing is pretty easy takes only a minute or two.

  1. Upload ‘random-one-cat-widget’ directory to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.

  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.

  3. On the ‘Widgets’ sub-menu of ‘Appearance’ you will find a new widget type called ‘Random One Cat’.

  4. Add one or more of these to your themes widget display areas.

  5. For each widget you add, select a title and category, then decide how you’d like to see the title or custom fields.

  6. Save your settings.


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Log Perubahan


  • Fixed issue with a php7.2 depreciation during plugin activation (bug fix)


  • Increased maximum posts that can be shown to eight


  • Added the option to shorten posts to the More… marker


  • Added an unordered list for title only displays


  • Fixed custom field bug
  • Fixed empty value issue
  • Added option to display only title links
  • Tidied widget parameter selection
  • Multi-lingual ready (translations required)


  • Added Changelog
  • Added option to display up to five posts
  • Fixed empty post-meta ul display bug
  • Moved to WP_Widget class


  • Added selection for widget title
  • Added option to choose which titles display


  • Updated for 2.9
  • Added short-code display


  • Minor updates to code layout for 2.8


  • Minor updates to code layout for 2.7


  • Updated for 2.6
  • Fixed random selection bug in WordPress 2.6


  • First Production Release


  • Added option for custom field display


  • Updated for 2.5.1 compatibility


Complete overhaul for 2.5 compatibility


Initial Release