Plugin ini belum teruji dangan 3 rilis besar WordPress. Kemungkinan tidak lagi dipelihara atau didukung, dan mungkin menghadapi masalah kompatibilitas bila digunakan dengan versi WordPress yang lebih baru.



The Quietly WordPress plug-in allows you to quickly and easily embed your Quietly content (e.g. slideshows, maps, media carousels, cards) into your WordPress website.


  • Engage your readers – increase the visual nature of your articles with a beautiful slideshow, interactive media carousel, list-based cards, or map widget.
  • Improve your workflow – quickly browse and select content from your Quietly account while writing your post.
  • Make further edits – modify or add to your existing content straight from within WordPress.
  • Customize with ease – easily insert the content or further customize it within your post editor before embedding.
  • Preview in post – in WordPress 4.0, Quietly content will show a visual preview right within your post editor.

Learn more about Quietly here. Or email to get in touch with us.

Tangkapan Layar

  • A Quietly slideshow widget in action.
  • Display your list of locations in an interactive map.
  • Display your content as an interactive media carousel.
  • Display your content as cards in a vertical list.
  • Easily insert your content or further customize it within your post editor before embedding.


  1. Upload the quietly folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin from the Plugins menu in the WordPress dashboard.

Tanya Jawab

What is Quietly?

Quietly’s suite of publishing tools allows publishers to easily create lightweight content for their audiences in the form of customized slideshows, media carousels, cards, and maps. Once the content is created in Quietly, they can embed it directly into their web properties. Our fully integrated WordPress plugin makes it even easier to engage your readers, increase traffic, and reward your readers.

How do I customize my embed widget?

Find the content by clicking the Insert Quietly Content button in the editor toolbar. Once selected, click Edit/Customize to customize your content. Then click Insert Content to embed the content into your post.


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Kontributor & Pengembang

“Quietly” adalah perangkat lunak open source. Berikut ini mereka yang sudah berkontribusi pada plugin ini.


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Tertarik mengembangkan?

Lihat kode, periksa repositori SVN , atau mendaftar ke log pengembangan melalui RSS.

Log Perubahan


  • Fixed plugin options page permission.


  • Fixed issue where users who update their WordPress site to secure https may experience issues with embeds not rendering correctly.


  • Access your Quietly content and publications from within WordPress.


  • Added “Create Content” button to allow new content creation right within WordPress.
  • Added Quietly analytics for paid users.


  • Improved customization UI. You can now edit your Quietly content as well!


  • Custom embed settings are now saved via the Quietly API instead of stored as lengthy URL parameters.
  • Quick embeds (non customized) now default to the users last known saved embed settings.
  • Added additional final slide customization options to publishing options screen.


  • Fixed list insert model broken when adding or editing a custom post type.


  • Fixed error when inserting an embed in Text mode before opening the Visual post editor.


  • Fixed list embed description not showing in excerpts in posts with an embed only.
  • Fixed embed not inserting in post editor when switching from Text to Visual mode or vice-versa.


  • Remember last settings when inserting an embed.
  • Insert list button and plugin settings menu item are more prominent.


  • Fixed insert modal breaking due to required data not being enqueued properly.
  • Fixed fullscreen not working for embeds in the customization stage.


  • Fixed an error when saving plugin settings.
  • Fixed embed customization tool not being loaded when user is not signed in on Quietly.
  • Fixed other settings-related issues.


  • Added the ability to browse and insert lists from your Quietly account within the WordPress post editor.


  • Added the option to automatically insert list description to post excerpts that only have a Quietly slideshow as the content.


  • Added Quietly oEmbed support.
  • Quietly embed enhances your SEO (list content is generated for search engines).


  • Initial release.