Plugin ini belum teruji dangan 3 rilis besar WordPress. Kemungkinan tidak lagi dipelihara atau didukung, dan mungkin menghadapi masalah kompatibilitas bila digunakan dengan versi WordPress yang lebih baru.

Query Wrangler


This plugin lets you create new WP queries as widgets and use shortcodes for queries on your pages. It also allows you to override the way category and tag pages display.

Query Wrangler’s interface is highly intuitive way to create queries and will be second nature for any Drupal Views user.

This plugin will bring extreme flexibility to WordPress users with its ability to create custom queries using the WP_Query class with a user interface.


  • Most post data, including meta fields
  • Taxonomy data
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Custom Content Type Manager
  • Some exposed filters

Some examples of how you would use this plugin include:

  • Create a list posts with featured images
  • Create a list of pages or posts within a specific category or tag
  • Create an image gallery
  • Modify the way your category pages look

Tangkapan Layar

  • Drupal Views Editor Theme


  1. Upload query-wrangler to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin
  3. Visit the Query Wrangler Menu to begin creating your custom queries

Tanya Jawab

How do I use query shortcodes?

Easy, the code you’re looking for is like this. [query id=2] , where the number 2 is the query id. This can be found on the Query Wrangler page eside each query.

  • By slug: [query slug=”my-query”]
  • Customize WP_Query arguments: [query id=2 args=”posts_per_page=1&post_type=page”]
  • Customize WP_Query arguments with contextual data: [query id=1 args=”author={{post:post_author}}&post_type={{post:post_type}}”]

Developer & Usage

What are overrides and how do I use them?

Overrides allow you to alter the display and information given on category and tag pages.
For a simple example, add a new query and chose the type override. Choose how you want the content to display, then examine the Overrides box.
Select a category or multiple categories to override. Save the query, then visit that category page.


19 Mei 2020
Coming from Drupal, it is such a relief to find this ‘Views’ like plugin. Thank you!
22 Desember 2018 3 balasan
As a long-time Drupal developer, this plugin feels like coming home. It works just the way I expect it to.
10 Mei 2017
This is one I have been looking for! Thank you!
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Kontributor & Pengembang

“Query Wrangler” adalah perangkat lunak open source. Berikut ini mereka yang sudah berkontribusi pada plugin ini.


Log Perubahan


  • Bug fix on post type archive override page when dealing with multiple post types.


  • New setting to allow caching of meta keys.


  • Tested up to WordPress 5.8-RC4.
  • Minor style improvement on editor form.


  • Bug fix: Regression in 1.5.49. Redundant dispatch of qw_pre_render broke QW widgets.


  • Feature: Setting to hide header or footer when no results are found.


  • Bug fix: Fix regression with pagination vs offset.


  • Bug fix: removing debugging function.
  • Bug fix: Pagination vs offset. WP_Query doesn’t handle this, so we do it manually.
  • Bug fix: Caching for expensive meta keys query on large sites.


  • Bug fix: Pagination vs offset. WP_Query doesn’t handle this, so we do it manually.
  • Bug fix: @jpSimkins – Caching for expensive meta keys query on large sites.


  • Bug fix: Using array_replace instead of array_merge in a few places.
  • Bug fix: Removing deprecated preg_replace eval flag for PHP 7 support.


  • Feature: Search box on query list page
  • Feature: Strip tags on Group by field
  • Feature: Added query shortcode by ID on edit page
  • Bug fix: Maintain token settings in later fields
  • Bug fix: Query data doesn’t unserialize correctly in some environments
  • Bug fix: Query wasn’t retaining Group by field in editor
  • Bug fix: JSON export may not load correctly


  • Feature: Contextual tokens allowed in callback text parameters
  • Change: Now using json for export & import to avoid eval. Warning, his will make existing saved exports useless.
  • Change: HTML span tag around file attachments for styling
  • Bug fix: Providing simple array polyfills for PHP5.2-
  • Bug fix: Some php notices on query creation & save
  • Bug fix: Query data doesn’t appear to save. Unserialize method was sometimes failing when loading a query in the editor.
  • Bug fix: Allow nested limited terms in filters


  • Bug fix: New meta field setting compared too strictly
  • Bug fix: Exposed Taxonomy filter not showing values when unlimited.


  • Bug fix: Pagination
  • Bug fix: Tag & Category override data storage
  • Bug fix: Meta value filter compare field value
  • Bug fix: Taxonomy exposed filter retaining values after submit
  • Feature: Shortcode compatibility for conflicts on the “query” shortcode
  • Feature: Contextual tokens on post_id filter


  • Upkeep: Renaming .inc files to .php
  • Upkeep: Changing source whitespace
  • Bug fix: Better restriction for admin_head hook
  • Feature: new row classes query-row-first, query-row-last


  • PHP updated for WP 4.3


  • Feature: New meta_value field handler as a setting. Autocomplete on the field.


  • Bug fix: missing jQuery ui css
  • Bug fix: not-linked avatar field
  • Bug fix: first field weight
  • Feature: custom classes on fields


  • Feature: “active-item” class on rows whose post is currently being viewed.
  • Feature: Group by field in Row Style > Field Settings (requires saving the query before choosing)


  • Cleaned up a lot of PHP warnings and notices


  • Better Overrides
  • Feature: meta_query filter
  • Feature: Override entire taxonomy
  • Feature: Extended callback field to include text parameters
  • Feature: Callback filter
  • UI bug fixes with rearranging handler items and field tokens
  • UI bug fix regarding canceling and new handler items dialog


  • Feature: Fields can now be hidden if empty
  • Feature: New setting “Show silent meta” allow for custom fields that start with underscores.
  • Feature: post_id filter can now use a callback to provide an array of post ids
  • Feature: New sort “meta_value” – for sorting strings
  • Feature: New sort “Meta_value_num” – for sorting numbers
  • Feature: New filter “Search” – for searching
  • Changed get_category_ids() to get_terms()
  • Minor UI improvements


  • Feature: post content and post excerpt fields have new option to apply the_content filter
  • Feature: new sort option: post__in to sort by order of post__in filter array
  • New shortcode hooks for custom attributes and query options
  • Bug fix: is_array check for missing override value
  • Bug fix: category__not_in needs term ids as array


  • Bug fix: Admin UI fix on WP 4.1


  • Bug fix: qw_pre_query & qw_pre_render hooks
  • Bug fix: Plugin activation warnings
  • Bug fix: Import textarea CSS
  • Bug fix: Live Preview error on new query
  • Feature: Show Display Title on widget with or without theme compatibility
  • Feature: Arguments field on widgets


  • New: Callback field – Use any function to provide a field value.
  • New: Shortcode argument contextual tokens. eg, [query id=1 args=”author={{post:post_author}}&post_type={{post:post_type}}”] – returns the query showing only posts by the author of the current page being viewed, and of the post type of the current post_type being viewed.
  • Fix: index on query_override_terms table


  • New: Shortcode arguments. eg, [query id=1 args=”posts_per_page=1&post_type=page”]
  • New: Support for “Advanced Custom Fields” fields as settings for meta_values
  • New: Support for “Custom Content Type Manager” fields as settings for meta_values


  • Bug fix: Empty request_uri causing issues.


  • New: Field – Featured Image
  • New: Exposed filter – Post IDs
  • New: Exposed filter – Post Parent
  • New: Exposed filter – Post Types
  • New: Exposed filter – Taxonomies
  • New: Setting – Live Preview default
  • Fix: Image field style setting


  • Updating template wrangler to use apply_filters instead of do_action_ref_array


  • Feature: New author filter


  • Fix: Pagination bug when using Page numbers.


  • Fix: post_parent filter


  • Feature: New taxonomies filter
  • Feature: Featured Image setting for “Image Attachment” field
  • Fix: Making js better
  • Fix: New handler item weight bug
  • Fix: New field tokens bug
  • Remove: tabs editor
  • Refactoring a lot


  • Compatibility issues with Widget Wrangler
  • Feature: Template suggestions in preview.


  • Fix: Child theme page templating
  • Fix: Comment disabling works on pages with shortcodes
  • Feature/Fix: Theme compatibility for widgets – enable in QW settings.


  • Fix: Shortcode & Widget paging – but can’t have 2 independent pagers on 1 page yet.
  • Fix: Unserialize bug –
  • Fix: 3.7 problem – according to –
  • Fix: Row style settings form bug
  • More complete default query according to WP_Query defaults
  • Feature: PHP WP_Query in preview


  • New page routing with hook parse_request


  • Chasing WP 3.7 related bugs


  • UI fixes and improvements.


  • Fix: WordPress 3.7 update redirecting from custom pages


  • Fix: Fixing sortable jquery ui issue. QW UI working w/ WP 3.5


  • Fix: No longer relying on external jquery sources, working to fix views ui


  • Fix: WP update broke jquery and jquery ui. now relying on external sources


  • Fix: bug, javascript sometimes enqueuing in wrong order (Google Libraries)


  • Fix: bug, custom label and rewrite output fields not showing up.


  • Fix: bug in looking for a query page’s path


  • Fix: meta field returning array
  • Fix: page links missing starting slash


  • Major API enhancements
  • New simpler editor theme
  • Lots of Refactoring


  • Template preprocess fix


  • Fixed override pagination
  • UI Improvements
  • Template hierarchy solidification
  • Live Preview
  • Meta Key / Value Filters
  • Filter Api


  • Fixed template-wrangler comments bug
  • Fixed display style bug
  • Refactored javascript some


  • Added WordPress hooks for fields, field styles, filters, and pagers
  • Fixed some bugs with replacement tokens and rewriting output
  • Fixed some templates from displaying excluded fields
  • Determined methodology for field callbacks and arguments
  • Shortcode support for fields


  • Bug fix for empty category and tag pages
  • Bug fix for query shortcodes


  • Added shortcode support


  • Added WordPress page overrides for categories and tags.
  • Fixed query edit page js bug.


  • Bug with canceling forms. Changed use of jQuery unserializeForm


  • Initial Release