POSIT POS integration for WooCommerce


Posit is a SaaS B2B company that provides solutions for the retail, food, and entertainment businesses. Among our services, you can find business management tools, point of sale systems, and payment solutions. With an understanding of the importance of a ‘one source of truth’ when managing inventory for retailers, we created an easy-to-use plugin for WooCommerce.

With this plugin, retailers can easily sync data to and from the Posit system, including:

  1. Syncing catalog inventory (by SKU) from the Posit management system to the online store to support retailer order management. The inventory interface updates SKUs every 20 minutes and after every transaction.

  2. Syncing transactions conducted on the online platform to the Posit management system for easy access and management of all retailer transactions. The transaction interface sends the transaction to Posit after payment.

In summary, the Posit WooCommerce plugin is a user-friendly solution that enables retailers to sync their inventory and transactions between their online store and Posit management system. With this plugin, retailers can streamline their business operations and gain a better understanding of their inventory and sales data in one centralized system.


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  • Initial Release


  • Add support for customer info from sale


  • Added support for shipping info from sale and better logging