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Plugmatter Pricing Table


What Is The Plugmatter Pricing Table Plugin?

Have your pricing table be exactly how you want it be, and do exactly what you want it to do. Our plugin is dedicated towards making you a beautiful, high-converting pricing table for all your sales and marketing needs.

Why Plugmatter Pricing Table Over Other Plugins?

Our plugin comes with extensive design options, tools, and conversion optimization features that are backed by behavioural research and conversion optimization studies. All this, to help you get the most out of your website traffic.

With our sophisticated yet simple-to use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that even non-techies could use, creating powerful pricing tables becomes child’s play.

Who Is The Pricing Table Plugin Best For?

Do you want to increase the volume of your sales? Convert visitors to customers with a persuasively designed and sharply penned pricing table? Don’t want to spend on hiring a designer/be stuck with pricing tables that came with your themes? Is your line of business in –

  • SaaS
  • Consulting
  • Freelancing, or a
  • Productized Service

If yes to any of these, then the Plugmatter Pricing Table plugin is exactly for you.

How Do I Create One?

Here’s how –

Step 1: From your WordPress dashboard, add a template

Step 2: Use the template as is, or customize it further. Fill in the details.

Step 3: Save the template. Go back to the list of templates and not down the shortcode.

Step 4: Add the shortcode to the page that you want your pricing table to be in.

That’s that.

Plugin Features

1. Beautifully Designed Templates

Choose from 10 conversion-friendly, fully responsive design templates, aimed at generating sales for you. Each template is completely customizable, allowing you to create a pricing table fit for you and your business.

Our range of pricing table template designs can be categorized by two design formats:

A. Cards-style layout

The cards-style layout is the most popular kind of pricing table design. They look like traditional cards placed beside each other. With this format, your users can quickly and directly know what is being offered in each package..

Note: Check “screenshots” section to know what Cards templates.

B. Matrix-style layout

The matrix-style layout also a popular pricing table structure, among services that offer a lot of features to their clients and allowing its users to compare packages easily by:

  • Categorizing the features
  • Listing large number of features
  • Creating icon based representation of feature availability
  • Presenting quantifiable features with more clarity

Be sure to check out our Screenshots section, to preview all the templates we have to offer.

2. A/B Split-testing

Conduct advanced split-testing campaigns with our A/B split-testing functionality. Improve your conversion rate by testing various button colors, pricing, package names, fonts, etc. and a lot more. Split-test any element you want, to have a high-converting beast of a pricing table of your hands.

3. Intuitive WYSIWYG Editor

Edit your entire pricing table within a single intuitive WYSIWYG editor. We’re happy to say we’ve got one of the the simplest pricing table design interfaces to make it truly hassle-free for you to create pricing tables.

  • Cell Editor

    Never before has there been a cell editor for columns, that has as many optins as we have. All to boost the conversion quotient of your pricing table. The cell editor in our pricing table is loaded with following options:

    a. Bold, Italicize and Underline important text
    b. Strikethrough text to generate curiosity among visitors
    c. Add link to the features to provide more information
    d. Use Font Awesome icons to represent features better
    e. Tooltips to explain the complex features in elaborate
    f. Change font color to match not only the pricing table but also the page
  • Pricing Table Editor

    Edit large sections of the entire pricing table, swiftly and intelligently. WIth the Pricing Table Editor, you can:

    • Add images
    • Add / delete packages
    • Highlight a package of your choice
    • Select from different types of buttons
    • Sort via. drag-and-drop
    • Pick from 10 variations of check and cross icons
    • Change your pricing table’s width / margin


Take 100% control of how your pricing table appears on your website, with our advanced custom CSS functionality. Give your pricing table design a personal touch. Fix design issues. improve the overall design.

There could literally be hundreds of things you could do with the Custom CSS functionality. Some more possibilities could be:

  • Change the pricing table design as you please, to have it be visually complement your website design
  • Feature your top package any way you think will attract audiences the most
  • Add or remove shadows and curved corners to your buttons, to make it more appealing

5. Google Events Tracking

Have sophisticated, detailed metrics at your disposal with our Google Events Tracking integration. Keep track of your sales goals, and how your visitors receive:

  • Package titles
  • Package descriptions
  • Pricing
  • Buttons, and a lot more

Google Events directly tells you how many sales you get per number of visitors. And it’s as simple as blinking to set up in our Pricing Table plugin.

6. Implementation via Shortcodes

Simply Copy + Paste your template’s shortcode into the page that you want the pricing table in. With just that, you’ll have your pricing where you want it be.

7. Buttons

Mix-and-match 23 button designs with your template to produce a striking pricing table. Make the most important click on your website, look the part.

Choose from these three button styles:

  • Flat (2D button)
  • Ghost (outline of a button)
  • Regular (normal button)

Edit the main text of the button, along with a smaller sub-text if you you want. You’d entice your visitors with even more information. With Font Awesome integration, you can use Font Awesome icons within the button, to elicit clicks even more.

Split-test as many button designs as you want, to make it do what you want your customers to do.

8. Responsiveness

Your pricing tables will be ready for any screen. All our templates are completely responsive, and never lose out on your design, or appeal. Your pricing tables will stay as persuasive as on a PC.

9. Prompt Customer Support

Get the most professional and timely support from our dedicated team of WordPress developers 24/7. We always go the extra mile to help our customers get the most of our plugins.

What You Get in THIS LITE Version (for each of the below templates)

  1. 2 Beautiful Templates

    a. Simple Cards 
    b. Bold Matrix
  2. WYSIWYG Editor to make your job of quality pricing table creation as easy as can be

  3. 23 Editable Buttons to attract clicks and boost your chances of a sale

  4. Google Web Fonts for you to choose from over 600 Google fonts to use

  5. Implementation via Shortcodes to make it quick and easy for you to place your pricing table wherever and however you want it

  6. Standard Customer Support to get any issue resolved just 48-72 hours.

Note: To get the license key for this free version, please register from within the plugin.

Plugmatter Pricing Table Pro Premium Features (Pro Version):

  1. Multisite License
  2. 10 Premium Templates


      a. Matrix Classic
      b. Matrix Fusion
      c. Bold Matrix


      d. Simple Cards
      e. Redefined    
      f. Basecamp
      g. Cards
      h. Extended 
      i. Increment
      j. Auspicious
  3. Intuitive WYSIWYG Editor

  4. Google Events Tracking

  5. A/B Split-Testing

  6. 23 Editable Buttons

  7. Package Images

  8. Implementation via Shortcodes

  9. Priority Customer Support

Upgrade to the PRO Version Now!

With all these features you can use, get the best bang for your buck and upgrade to the Pro version NOW!


We’re glad to have you, Syed Naimath Co-Founder,

Feel free to visit our official site to browse through more of our products, or to check out our pricing plans for the Pro version of our Pricing Table plugin.

Get FREE Support

At Plugmatter, we take Customer Support very seriously, even for our free users. For any issues you may have using the plugin, feel free to contact

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You can easily install Plugmatter Pricing Table Plugin using the method of your choice:

WordPress Search:

  1. Use WordPress Plugin Search in your WordPress
  2. Look for “Plugmatter Pricing Table”
  3. Click to Install and Activate
  4. A new Plugmatter Pricing Table – Lite will appear in your Admin column
  5. Enter your name and email address in order to activate the plug-in

Download & Install:

  1. Download the “.zip” of the plugin file from the top right corner of this page on to your computer
  2. Go to your Plugins section and click “add new”
  3. Select the tab “Add”
  4. Click “Upload” to upload and install the plugin from your computer / desktop
  5. Once installed, activate the plugin
  6. A new Plugmatter Pricing Table – Lite will appear on your Admin column
  7. Enter your name and email address in order to activate the plug-in


  1. You can also install the plugin using the FTP
  2. Simply Download the “.zip” file of Plugin from top right of this page
  3. Login to your WordPress FTP
  4. Upload the “.zip” file in your wp-content > Plugins
  5. Login to your WordPress and Activate the Plugin
  6. A new Plugmatter Pricing Table – Lite will appear on your Admin column
  7. Enter your name and email address in order to activate the plug-in

Tanya Jawab

What do I get with Plugmatter Pricing Table?

Plugmatter Pricing Table offers myriad benefits. Check out features section above for more information.

Which web browsers dos Plugmatter Pricing Table work with?

We’ve tested our Pricing Table plugin with the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. Although we officially do not support the older versions of these browsers, our plugin may work well enough in them, and also in browsers other than these.

Can I buy a basic license & upgrade later?

Sure you can! Once you’re ready to get more out of our plugin, you can easily upgrade to a Professional or Developer license. Just shoot us an email at, and we’ll upgrade your license in no time.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Currently we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express & PayPal, to receive payments. Please keep in mind that we only accept online payments, and won’t accept purchase orders, checks or phone orders.

Will Plugmatter Pricing Table work on

No, our Plugmatter Pricing Table is not compatible with – the hosted version of WordPress. doesn’t allow its users to install any third-party plugins.

What else do I get with my license?

Your license primarily you the ability to use our plugin on a given number of sites. It also comes with access to all of our product downloads, support resources and documentation for one calendar year, from your date of purchase.


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