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Adds Location post type, structured map blocks (for single and global locations), and custom taxonomies. Tours and more coming soon!


Plugin ini menyediakan blok 3.

Tour Map
Location Map
Global Map


The quickest method for installing PlacePress is:

  1. Install PlacePress either via the plugin repository or by uploading the files to the plugins directory on your server.
  2. Activate PlacePress.
  3. Navigate to the PlacePress options page at Settings > PlacePress and update the default options.
  4. Add some Locations using the Locations post type. Be sure to use the Location Map block to add an interactive map to your Location post.
  5. Once you have published some Locations, add the Global Map block to any page to display all your locations on a single map.


Where can I view some examples?

Check out for videos and sample content.

Does PlacePress work with my theme?

Probably. It should work with any modern WordPress theme that is compatible with the block editor, but let us know if you have issues.

I’m getting a 404 (Not Found) error when browsing Locations

If you have published Locations and you get a 404 error, it usually means you need to update your permalink settings. Simply go to Settings > Permalinks and press the Save button. You probably don’t need to change the settings for this fix to work. If this doesn’t fix the issue after refreshing your browser, you may be using an incompatible theme (which is unlikely if your theme is from the WordPress theme directory).

How do I change the default map behavior?

You can edit the PlacePress settings in Settings > PlacePress. There you will find options for controlling the default map coordinates, zoom level, basemap style, clustering, and more.

I’d like to use a basemap that’s not included in PlacePress

We chose a handful of basemap styles to get started, but plan to add more in the future. If you would like to request a particular basemap, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do. Generally, we only add high-resolution basemaps that are available for free use. As we continue to build out PlacePress, we hope to add support for additional basemaps, including some from paid services like Mapbox.


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