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PDF 2 Post


Mass convert PDF documents to WP posts, by:

  • extracting all text data and adding it to post content
  • extract all images included in PDF and attach them to post
  • automatically add featured image
  • create gallery inside post content from all images extracted

Be carefull, you NEED to have installed on your server the following:

Works on multisite installs.

>> Test your document here <<

If you need a more professional solution, we now have a premium InDesign to WordPress plugin:
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Will need to be upgraded with :



  1. Search via plugins > add new.
  2. Find the plugin listed and click activate.
  3. Use the Shortcode


  1. Go to Posts>New Post From PDF
  2. Choose file to upload :
  • single .pdf
  • .zip containing a main folder with multiple .pdf files inside)
  1. Clic “Create Post” and wait for post creation 🙂

>> Test your document here <<

If you need a more professional solution, we now have a premium InDesign to WordPress plugin:
>> InDesign to WordPress <<


29 April 2024 1 balasan
This is the “wordpress” way of loading a PDF, but doesn’t preserve original formatting (your editing burden will increase). If you load a lot of PDFs this way, it will make quite a mess of your Media collection. To make this compatible with modern Python, one line needs to be changed in the pdf2post.php file: old: python -c ‘import sys; print sys.version’ new: python -c ‘import sys; print(sys.version)’
7 Juli 2020
For something to just work, and be simple to use, and for free to the community, is amazing. The only thing I struggled with was adding the scripts (I manage my own server) and use Plesk, which is uncommon still, and wasnt sure if just installing the modules on the server would work like I wanted it to. But I logged into sudo and installed as per instructions on the links the developer provided, and it worked. No restart of Apache necessary either, at least for me. Great job on this plugin. The only thing that COULD be improved is translating paragraphs and images into blocks in Gutenberg. Right now it imports in in as one block and mashed all the images together at the bottom in a gallery. So I had to have the editor change the block manually, then reorganize. Still saved a ton of time just bringing in the images. My suggestion might be moot though, as I am using custom content types instead of default posts, and now it doesnt utilize blocks, so make sure it still works the other way as well. Thanks for your hard work on this, you deserve 5 stars for sure.
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2.4.0 – trying to work on bounding boxes

2.3.1 – better processing method first

2.3.0 – new demo shortcode and several bugfixes

2.2.3 – select type of post created among any of the site

2.2.2 – access given to editors and added for pages as well

2.2.1 – xml pdf2txt with paragraphs extraction

2.2.0 – others pdf2txt types added : html, xml, tag

2.1.4 – more debug to help users

2.1.1 – more checks on softs installed

2.0.0 – Totally refactored code because of bug uploading zip files

1.3.1 – few more check for more robustness

1.3 – check if zip installed

1.2 – check if python installed

1.1 – Automatically create gallery with all images of PDF file

1.0 – First stable release.