PDF Importer for WPForms


Do you have a pdf or word document and just want to fill it using one of your forms? This is the plugin for you.

With this plugin you can bind any PDF (including word documents saved as pdf) to a form, the plugin will fill the pdf using the form information and will attach the result to the WPForm emails.


  • Visual Designer: You can view the pdf and each element you are configuring.
  • Automatically attached to the wpform emails: You just need to import a pdf, bind it to a form and the plugin will do the rest.

Tangkapan Layar

  • A very easy to use visual designer 2.- Just select a field from your pdf 3.- And then link it to a form

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Is there any frequent asked question?

Not yet!


4 Maret 2021
Working well, easy to use and powerful. I have just an issue with input cursor button that do not match with pdf module's text field. Please continue to develop it!
4 Februari 2021
After initially having compatibility issues, the Plugin Author quickly responded to my support requests and all issues have since been resolved. I've built and tested a rather lengthy form import to pdf. Every field was transferred over successfully and is visible in the attached PDF that gets sent with the confirmation email. I give the overall functionality of this plugin as well as the support 5 STARS!! Thank you EDGARROJAS!
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