Order auto complete for WooCommerce


It is a simple woocommerce addon or extension.If Enable the plugin, then your all woocommerce order will be automatically completed.Also, You will get option to change add to cart and out of stock button.

🏆 Reasone To Use The Plugin

Easy Integrations – if you want to make your system easy by making order auto complete just install this plugin.

Easy Customization – You can easily edit your add to cart button and out of stock button text from option.

Is it compatable with latest woocommerce version?

  • Yes, It is compatable

Need Any Help?

  • Please mail us at ikardi04@gmail.com
  • We provide live support`

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  • The view Screenshot_1.jpg
  • The option page


25 Agustus 2023
Testing in August 2023 and works straight without any setting needed! The only one I've tested which really works. Thanks so much!
14 April 2022
This plugin is very simple but is doing its job very effective. I solved the issue I had with orders stuck on "Pending". Thank you for your work!
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Log Perubahan


  • Initial release at: 5/02/2022


  • Add to cart button text change option added
    *Out of stock button text change option added