Shipping Notices and No shipping options found info for WooCommerce


The best free plugin to display shipping notices

Use this free Shipping Notices and No shipping options found info for WooCommerce plugin to change the “no shipping options were found” message into your custom notice.

Customers who receive the standard “no shipping options were found” message are more likely to abandon the shopping cart in your WooCommerce store. Save abandoned shopping carts by creating a custom message that explains the reason and makes it easy for them to change their cart contents or contact the store.


  • Replace the default “No shipping found” notice with your custom text
  • Use HTML tags to build every notice that you want
  • Display shipping notice only for specific regions/shipping zones
  • Decide where the notice should be displayed: cart, checkout or both

Create even more advanced shipping notices
Use Shipping Notices together with the Flexible Shipping plugin to create advanced messages based on various conditions. Install free version of Flexible Shipping or buy Flexible Shipping PRO.

Possible Notices Scenarios

  • Contact for shipping quote
  • Order exceeds the maximum weight allowed for shipment
  • Order exceeds the maximum size allowed for shipment
  • Shipment available from a certain order amount
  • Shipping to the certain country is not available

Actively developed and supported

The Shipping Notices and No shipping options found info for WooCommerce plugin is constantly being developed by Octolize. Our plugins are used by over 250.000 WooCommerce stores worldwide. Over the years we proved to have become not only the authors of stable and high-quality plugins, but also as a team providing excellent technical support. Join the community of our satisfied plugins’ users. Bet on quality and let our plugins do the rest.


View the dedicated Shipping Notices Documentation

Interested in plugin translations?

We are actively looking for contributors to translate this and other Octolize plugins. Each supported language tremendously help store owners to conveniently manage shipping operations.

Your translations contribute to the WordPress community at large. Moreover, we’re glad to offer you discounts for our PRO plugins and establish long-term collaboration. If you have any translation related questions, please email us at

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Tangkapan Layar

  • Shipping Notices general settings
  • Shipping Notices new notice configuration


This plugin can be easily installed like any other WordPress integration by following the steps below:

  1. Download and unzip the latest zip file release.
  2. Upload the entire plugin directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ path.
  3. Activate the plugin using the Plugins menu in WordPress sidebar menu.

Optionally you can also try to upload the plugin zip file using Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin option from the WordPress sidebar menu. Then go directly to point 3.


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Log Perubahan

1.5.2 – 2023-09-06

  • Added support for WooCommerce 8.1

1.5.1 – 2023-08-07

  • Added support for WordPress 6.3

1.5.0 – 2023-07-28

  • Added post codes support
  • Added support for WordPress 6.3

1.4.7 – 2023-07-04

  • Added support for WooCommerce 7.9
  • Added Shipping Extensions tab
  • Added prefixed Psr libraries

1.4.6 – 2023-06-12

  • Added support for WooCommerce 7.8

1.4.5 – 2023-05-10

  • Added support for WooCommerce 7.7

1.4.4 – 2023-03-27

  • Added support for WordPress 6.2
  • Added support for WooCommerce 7.6

1.4.3 – 2023-03-09

  • Added support for WooCommerce 7.5

1.4.2 – 2023-02-07

  • Added support for WooCommerce 7.4

1.4.1 – 2023-01-10

  • Added support for WooCommerce 7.3

1.4.0 – 2022-12-13

  • Added the Shipping Extensions tab

1.3.0 – 2022-11-28

  • Added the WooCommerce High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS) compatibility declaration
  • Added support for WooCommerce 7.2

1.2.0 – 2022-10-24

  • Added support for WordPress 6.1
  • Added support for WooCommerce 7.1
  • Added Octolize tracker

1.1.1 – 2022-10-03

  • Added support for WooCommerce 7.0

1.1.0 – 2022-08-01

  • Added filters
  • Changed actions

1.0.2 – 2022-07-13

  • Fixed typo

1.0.1 – 2022-07-12

  • Fixed width of text editor

1.0.0 – 2022-07-04

  • First release!