Ocean Stick Anything


A simple plugin to stick anything you want.
This plugin requires the OceanWP theme to be installed.

Tangkapan Layar

  • Settings.


  1. Upload ocean-stick-anything to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Configure it via Theme Panel > Stick Elements
  4. Done!

Tanya Jawab

I installed the plugin but it does not work

This plugin will only work with the OceanWP theme. You also need to install the free Ocean Extra plugin


23 September 2023
bonjour Je veux fixer le menu de navigation mais elle aussi l’image d’en-tête ce qui réduit le contenu sans les petits écrans. Peut-on m’aider ? Merci.
27 Desember 2018
Works perfectly, saved me a lot of coding time
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Log Perubahan

2.0.8 – MAY 22 2024

  • Updated: Compatibility: WordPress version number.

2.0.7 – SEP 6 2023

  • Updated: Compatibility: WordPress version number.

2.0.6 – MAY 23 2023

  • Fixed: Warning: Use of undefined constant OE_ADMIN_PANEL_HOOK_PREFIX.
  • Added: Compatibility: PHP 8.2.6: Creation of dynamic property Ocean_Stick_Anything::$plugin_path and Ocean_Stick_Anything::$plugin_url is deprecated.

2.0.5 – MAR 29 2023

  • Updated: Version numbers for compatibility.


  • Improved: Theme Panel.


  • Updated: WordPress version number for compatibility.


  • Improved: Scripts dependencies.


  • Fixed: Widgets admin page issue.


  • Added: Vanilla JS.


  • Fixed: Warning: Use of undefined constant OE_ADMIN_PANEL_HOOK_PREFIX.
  • Fixed: Offset Settings don’t function #1


  • Added: Version updated for WordPress 5.7.


  • Added: Version updated for WordPress 5.4.


  • Added: Codes for the Freemius switch.
  • Fixed: Small error issue.


  • Fixed: Extra bracket in the data offset in the body tag.


  • Tweak: Sticky script improved, the sticky can be destroyed on window resize.


  • Initial release.