Occupancy Plan


With this plugin you can manage an occupancy plan, which shows assigned bookings. The schedule
is shown for a single day or a complete week.

* Create a occupancy plan
* Define basic colors (header background, text and border) for the plan
* occupancy plan integration via shortcode
* Plan can show a single day or a complete week
* Create bookings for specific dates or intervals (weekly, monthly)
* Define booking colors for text and background
* Support of multiple courts
* Logged on user with the required permission can reservate bookings in the public area
* Show booking details

* All of the FREE VERSION

A detailed list of all functions can be found on https://www.software-kunze.de/plugins/occupancy-plan.

The plugin is constantly being developed and supported. Support inquiries please only by email support@software-kunze.de

Tangkapan Layar

  • Frontend with a occupancy plan
  • Admin area occupancy plan details
  • Admin area booking details
  • Frontend booking details dialog
  • Frontend booking reservation request
  • Configuration of email notification


Upload the plugin via ZIP or install and activate it via the WordPress plugin installer. Afterwards all settings can be adjusted.


16 Maret 2023
This is a great little plugin that is very adaptable with a very responsive and helpful developer. I am using to manage tennis court and bowling green booking at our local sports and social club. Highly recommended
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Log Perubahan


  • Bugfix: Frontend add and delete booking
  • Bugfix: Drag&Drop move of the booking


  • If frontend is not anoymized then show detailed tooltip
  • Support of block exceptions added
  • Support of time slot display names
  • Redesign of admin backend
  • Test with WordPress version 6.5.2
  • Change logic for show details at frontend


  • Show Tooltip all users for not anonymized blocks
  • Bugfix: Correct yearly overview in case last days in December belongs already to calendar week 01
  • Change length of shortname to 16 characters


  • Bugfix: PHP 8.1 compatibility: null shouldn’t be used as parent slug when calling add_submenu_page()
  • Allow to show only specific weekdays
  • Use specific classes for first court column: .op-header-td-first, .op-body-td-first


  • Bugfix: Select block with childcourt zero
  • Bugfix: Select blocks, use correct variable in SQL statement
  • Bugfix: Re-Allow of role ‘edit_occupancy’


  • Bugix: Prevent overwrite of block styles by table row styles
  • Enforce weekly mode regardless of the number of child courts – use mode=weekly!
  • Support of child court names
  • Allow sorting of courts


  • Replace of [email] tag in from address with admin email address
  • Bugfix: Check correct capability for frontend user
  • Tested with WordPress 6.3


  • Bugfix: Show correct start date for schedules in yearly mode


  • Support of mandatory custom fields
  • Bugfix: Use schedule default color for new block in backend


  • Bugfix: Correct logic for hidden “mailaddress” field
  • Bugfix: Show courtname “Completed”, if alle courts booked
  • Support load of email template from url
  • Configurable “Undefined Name” preset for new bookings


  • Bugfix: Allow time edit also for daily schedules
  • Bugfix: Set tooltip for every block
  • Bugfix: Use of correct time format string for editable bookings
  • Bugfix: Update plan court count for bulk delete


  • Bugfix: Save of intervalinfo for monthly interval


  • Bugfix: Save changed block colors from frontend detail dialog
  • Bugfix: Provisional not saved for modification of existing blocks


  • Bugfix: Create correct block number for selected court with multiple child courts
  • Bugfix: Show child courts on frontend
  • Bugfix: Logic for anonymized block name in Frontend
  • Backend panels uses capability ‘manage_occupancy’


  • Don’t send mail for block update
  • Bugfix: Don’t update colors and created / created by
  • Support import of block for selected schedule
  • Tested with WordPress 6.1
  • CSV import & export uses semicolon as delmiter


  • Hotfix: Error in render body function call


  • Flexible time interval configuration
  • Bugfix: Missing parameter in replace email tags call
  • Support of monthly preview
  • Email subjects support place holders
  • Show configurable tooltip on frontend bookings


  • Add placeholder ‘courtname’ / ‘courtshortname’ to email template
  • Bugfix: Correct logic for email template placeholder ‘court’


  • Bugfix: Approval Workflows


  • Bugfix: Initial hide of frontend dialogs
  • Allow court edit in frontend dialog


  • Bugfix: Support of custom time slots in weekly view


  • Every second week interval added => Allow bookings every even or uneven week
  • Show court short names in weekly view


  • Bugfix: Missing block field names added


  • Bugfix: Add mailaddress field to create block table
  • Bugfix: Correct handling of provisional flag


  • Flexible interval added => Allow to book time slots for multiple days
  • Bugfix: Don’t load court names for new booking without a selected plan


  • Plan preview in backend
  • Add of missing occupancy-plan-provisional-blocks.php


  • Support of anonymized bookings in the frontend
  • Provisional bookings and approval process / confirmation & reject mails
  • Tested with WordPress 5.9.1


  • Update database version check added


  • Add of mail from name
  • Change email template column to type text
  • Support of email placeholder [interval] and [intervalinfo]
  • Block field mailadress added, for user which are not logged in
  • Allow time and interval modification on frontend
  • Fix data query for monthly interval in daily view


  • Add of edit occupancy role => User allow the edit/delete their bookings
  • Tested with WordPress 5.8.2 / 5.8.3
  • Bugix: To date in weekly view
  • Daily view – Add special logic for weekly and monthly interval
  • Better print layout


  • Add of occupancy manager role


  • Bugix: Dayly View – Use default block colors from plan
  • Tested with WordPress 5.8


  • Bugix: Dayly View – Set shortname and name for current user


  • Add user name, email to bookable element as defaults
  • Add mailfrom element to schedule configuration
  • Bugfix: Allow delete of booking by authorized users
  • Add default color values (text and background) for new bookings
  • Hide court select in dialogs, if only on court is available


  • Tested with WordPress 5.7.2
  • Bugfix: E-Mail notification fix


  • Bugfix: Name field on front end is a required field
  • Bugfix: Edit start/end time on front end only for users with ‘manage_occupancy’ capability
  • Add Flag ‘AllowTimeEdit’ which indicates if the user is allowed to
    edit start/end time in the frontend


  • Bugfix: Allow add reserveration from frontend without logon
  • Bugfix: Allow break time zero
  • Bugfix: Calcluate correct schedule endtime in week modus


  • Tested with WordPress 5.7
  • Break start and end time
  • Custom fields
  • Support of time slots for individual schedules
  • Import / Export of schedules


  • Tested with WordPress 5.6.1
  • Don’t use PHP short tags
  • Use form labels in admin backend
  • Support of bulk action delete in admin lists
  • Show tooltips on backend forms


  • Bugfix: Select correct weekday for date on a sunday
  • Keep location scroll position after POST reload
  • Support of drag & drop in public frontend
  • Dashboard widget show newest bookings
  • Delete of bookings from frontend


  • Tested with WordPress 5.6
  • Add capability ‘manage_occupancy’ to allow users backend access
  • Edit bookings in frontend


  • Bugfix: Display occupancy plan in yearly mode
  • Bugfix: Set interval and weekday correct for new booking from frontend
  • Change naming of plans and books to occupancy schedule and bookings
  • Bugfix: Load booking details correct in daily mode
  • Bugix: Correct court selection for mode daily


  • Bugfix: JQuery confirm dialogs
  • Bugfix: Court name save logic
  • Calculate number of plan courts
  • Bugfix: JQuery details and booking dialog layout
  • BugFix: Backend weekday Sunday select fails


  • Tested with WordPress 5.5.3
  • Bugfix: New court name save
  • Some addition CSS stuff to correct the layout


  • Configuration of court names
  • Court names childs
  • Cleanup job to delete old bookings
  • Tested with WordPress 5.5.2


  • Prepared bookings


  • Bigger field to configure labels
  • Support of booking name list
  • Disable the capability check for frontend users
  • CSS fixes to correct plan layout


  • Fix error loading the wp-color-picker
  • Restrict size of details and booking dialog


  • Tested with WordPress 5.5.1
  • Show correct court number in booking table
  • Correct error for first booking style


  • Some fixes for the daily mode
  • Show correct booking details


  • Tested with WordPress 5.5
  • Add i18n support for JavaScript


  • Weekly view is possible for max 4 courts
  • Support multiple court labels separated by a pipe character |
  • Support of monthly and yearly view


  • Correct spelling mistakes in the readme.txt
  • Correct plan layout (half hour mode) for Firefox, Edge and Opera


  • Implemented basic features