Plugin ini belum teruji dangan 3 rilis besar WordPress. Kemungkinan tidak lagi dipelihara atau didukung, dan mungkin menghadapi masalah kompatibilitas bila digunakan dengan versi WordPress yang lebih baru.



The n3dskwat-mp3player is an idea of n3rdskwat member L.Gero.
Combining our interests in music, video and art n3rdskwat creates.
This time I created the mp3player that fitted our needs and might fit yours!

The n3rdskwat-mp3player is a very simple player, which allows the visitor to listen to mp3’s while browsing the website.
Most mp3players stop playback when you follow a link, this one re-codes the blog to load internally. This means you never really leave the homepage, but you still have access to the entire blog!

Important Links:


  • Adds a simple mp3 player to your blog
  • Scans your whole website or specified directory for mp3’s to put in the playlist
  • Automatically start playing on entering the blog
  • Optional randomization of mp3 playback
  • Repeat-all after the entire playlist has been played
  • Displaying of the playlist
  • Where to search for mp3’s
  • Easily customizable positioning and layout properties
  • Converts your blog to an AJAX controlled environment with keeping the SEO (search engine optimization) structure in tact!
  • Uses SWFAddress to ensure you can link your pages to anybody correctly
  • In the process of adding localized translations!

If you are a translator please send a translated version to or drop a comment on our blog!

Tangkapan Layar

  • mp3player in default settings
  • mp3player customized to match the blog
  • playlist disabled


  1. Download the plugin through the build-in plugin-search or download it manually and extract it in your plugins directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. If you have other plugins, be sure to test thoroughly after loading a new page on your blog, see the F.A.Q. for more information.
  4. When other plugins fail to work properly please contact us at the plugin-website so we can build in a solution!

Tanya Jawab

The plugin screws up my design!?

If the mp3player rips your design apart, you can try to add a couple of lines to your stylesheet:

n3s_body { position: relative; }

Are suggestions that have worked on other theme’s, I hope it will help you fix your style back to normal!

The plugin [x] only works on the first page I load

That’s the only big bug that I haven’t completely fixed yet.
When you load a new page on your blog, the mp3player handles the request for you.
This means that scripts depending on the ‘page is loaded’ functionality need to be activated again.
At this point only the ‘lightbox’ plugin functionality has been added and tested.

If you have plugins that stop working, please let me know so I can add them to the (temporary) plugin compatibility function.

Or, if you know something about javascript, you can add the function-call to the ‘n3s_initialize_scripts()’ function in the ‘/js/n3rdskwat-mp3player.js’ file.

Why doesn’t WP Ajax Edit Comments work?

The WP Ajax Edit Comments plugin uses a strange way on the document.ready functionality. This way I can’t reproduce the code when a new page is loaded, which is vital for correct plugin functionality. As long as they don’t change the way the plugin works, I cannot make the mp3player compatible with WP Ajax Edit Comments.


Belum ada ulasan untuk plugin ini.

Kontributor & Pengembang

“n3rdskwat-mp3player” adalah perangkat lunak open source. Berikut ini mereka yang sudah berkontribusi pada plugin ini.


Log Perubahan


  • Compatibility release for some webhosts
  • Fixed the position-display of the player


  • Fixed a bug in the minified-javascript file


  • Added additional support for plugins that use the HREF to do javascript functionality


  • Changed the code a bit so it’s easier to enter a correct url in the exclude-URIs option


  • Forgot to compress the javascript.. added correct version now


  • Added support to pause playback on certain pages, where other functionality or sound is required


  • Optimized redirection code, fixed a bug in Safari
  • Minimized the javascript so the load will be more efficient


  • Added support for scripts that use the functionality
  • Link-following upgraded functionality
  • Compressed the JS file for quicker loading (included original/readible file)


  • Move fixes


  • Code cleanup cause of editor-fault..


  • Finally relly fixed the redirection bug!


  • Additional redirection fix


  • Small SWFAddress redirection bug-fix


  • Fixed another bug concerning the body replacement


  • Fixed a minor bug which appeared in 1.2.5


  • Added extra javascript re-initialization scripts


  • Fixed a bug where posting was broken (since version 1.2.x)


  • Added Dutch language support
  • Added POT file for translators to create localized versions


  • Fixed a bug in the Flash Player with the position-bar not updating correctly
  • Fixed some bugs concerning SWFAddress
  • Added an option for the control of page-transitions


  • Minor layout bug fixed


  • Rebuild the javascript for the plugin to be more efficient and easier to read
  • Fixed some minor bugs concerning layout and functionality


  • Added SWFAddress functionality
  • Fixed a problem where the playlist was not loaded anymore


  • Added some fixes for the form handling, including (basic) validationEngine support


  • Changed the way we handle links to a more transparent form. This way mp3-links will still contain the possibility to download the file by right-clicking.


  • Fixed a bug with the playlist not showing
  • Added support for lower versions of PHP (json encoding)


  • Modified path-finding functionality to work in more server environments


  • Changed current-page-cookie to be removed when the browser is closed
  • Added functionality to stop catching links that have click or mousedown events on them
  • Fixed a bug that removes ‘target’ attribute from links that aren’t caught


  • Added support for NextGen-Gallery
  • Optimized code to work better with jQuery and other plugins


  • Small fixes regarding loading mp3-links with full domain urls (on the same domain as the player)


  • Added extra checks for forms that are posted off-domain (like payola)
  • Fixed a minor bug for staying at the current page after reloading


  • Sorry something went wrong updating to SVN


  • Updated the flash file to prevent loading when autoplay is disabled
  • Changed the ‘Path to search for mp3s’ to be a dropdown selection of all the directories available
  • When you have links on your website to mp3s in the playlist, they will be played when they are clicked


  • Added cookies to maintain the page you are looking at even at hard reload


  • Updated the SWF file to send changes to the playlist
  • Updated the SWF for loading/skipping to not-loaded parts
  • Updated the playlist code to highlight the currently playing song
  • Modified the playlist to accept flash input for ID3 updates


  • Changed the style for the mp3player to position: fixed which keeps it from shaking all over when scrolled