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Learning Mode was introduced from Sensei LMS v4.0, offering the possibility to show lessons in the new distraction free mode, that activate a block theme for lessons. This change demand that lessons’s attachments should be entered as blocks in the content of the lessons from the WordPress blocks editor, and existing attachments as meta boxes won’t be showed with the lessons.

This is not a big deal if you are beginning with courses and lessons creation with Sensei LMS, because is easy to add files attached using blocks but, what happens if you had a lot of lessons created before Sensei LMS v4.0 and want to benefit of the new distraction free layout provided by the learning mode? Attachments won’t be showed in your lessons.

This plugin add one function to show attachments from existing Sensei LMS along with the lesson’s content.

NO SETTINGS – This plugin is plug-and-play. Just install it, activate it and enjoy!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Use this plugin only if you have existing lessons with attachments loaded from Sensei LMS meta boxes and want to benefit from new Sensei LMS distraction free (Learning) mode. If you don’t activate the new Learning Mode your lessons will still show your videos and attachments added via meta boxes and You won’t need this plugin.

WARNING! – DON’T activate the “Enable theme styles” option at Sensei LMS > Settings > Courses because this plugin won’t work

Tangkapan Layar

  • Sensei LMS WordPress editor meta boxes for video and attachments
  • Sensei LMS Learning Mode active


  1. Go to your WP Dashboard > Plugins and search for ‘metaboxes sensei’ or…
  2. Download the plugin from WP repository.
  3. Upload the ‘metaboxes-sensei’ directory to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  4. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


1 Maret 2022
Una vez más Fernando mil gracias por tu maravillosa contribución a la Comunidad WordPress con este plugin. Para el que no lo sepa, este plugin permite que todos los vídeos que se ponían la caja META de las lecciones "antiguas" de Sensei LMS, puedan verse correctamente en la última versión de Sensei. Vamos, una joya necesaria que deben instalar todos los que usen el plugin Sensei y tengan vídeos en esas cajas de "Código embed del vídeo". Gracias, gracias y gracias.
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Log Perubahan


  • From Sensei LMS v. 4.2.0 video meta boxes work out of the box, so I’ve removed the function that solved that issue.


  • Now the video lesson is displayed at the beginning of the lesson (by popular demand)


  • Initial release