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Media Content Taxonomy


Creates a custom taxonomy and a User Interface in admin for adding terms to it. Adds an additional filter dropdown in Media Library popup, Media Page Grid and list views.

Initial Release

Version: 0.0.1

Current Release

Version: 0.0.3


Everybody is welcome to contribute to this plugin.
You can do so by either opening an issue that you might have encountered or by making it more feature rich.

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Use automatic installer.

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Installation Instructions

Use automatic installer.


8 September 2017 1 balasan
Amazingly small, but very effective. I had tried other similar plugins, but I think I just found the winner with this one, thanks.
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Kontributor & Pengembang

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Log Perubahan

Version 0.0.2
1. Procedural approach for registering taxonomy is now made object oriented
2. More lightweight.

Version 0.0.3
1. Filter dropdown is now available in Media page List View