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MC Annual Upcounter


Pounds of wasted food, gallons of ice cream, babies born, cars sold … any number that accrues througout the year, updated live on the website page.
* Enter a total number of anything for the full year. This plugin shows the corresponding accumulated number at this date and time in a continuously-running live counter on website pages.
* The counter automatically re-sets the running total to zero when the user’s device reaches midnight on December 31.
* You can re-set the total number for the year at any time and the plugin will recalculate.

Tangkapan Layar

  • This is a screenshot of how the counter looks on a national gleaning organization website.
  • Here’s an example based on 465 million gallons per year.
  • This is an upcount of babies born in the U.S., most recently, 3,788,235 in a year.
  • This is the settings page. Enter your annual total and how often you want the counter to update on the web page.


  1. Download and Activate the plugin.
  2. The settings page link is on the left vertical menu, as “MC Annual Upcounter” under “Settings, and also under the namne on the plugins list.”
  3. On the settings page, enter the number that is your total for the year. The plugin will track the count, by second, throughout the year and show the number on the web page.
  4. On the settings page, enter how often the counter will update, 1-120 seconds.
  5. Add the shortcode [mcau_annual_upcounter] to any page, sidebar, or the footer. Add it to your text to have the count show in a sentence.

Tanya Jawab

How often will the counter update on the webpage?

  • It will recalculate and update on the page every 1 to 120 seconds – you set the update frequency. For most purposes, 120 seconds is fine. For very large numbers that will change every few seconds, you might want to update more frequently.

What is the shortcode?

  • [mcau_annual_upcounter]

Where can I enter the shortcode?

  • On any page or pages, sidebar, or footer.

Can I re-set the total for the year at any time?

  • Sure. The plugin will just do the math the next time the page loads.

How do I re-set the count on January 1?

  • You don’t have to. It will automatically re-set to zero when the user’s device reaches midnight on December 31.


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  • 2.1.2. Code edits. Compatible now with PHP 8.
  • 2.1.1 Code edit. Compatible with PHP 7.4
  • 2.1 Initial release on