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Lightbox for Responsive Images


Simple but efficient lightbox designed for Responsive Images and WP 4.4+. The image actually loaded by the lightbox will depend on your device and screen resolution.

The plugin is very simple for now (and might be enough for most users). More themes/skins will be added over time for the lightbox but this plugin will never be bloated with thousands of options.

The plugin also works perfectly with WP Retina 2x to make sure everything is perfectly neat and optimized.

PS: It does NOT work versions of WordPress prior to 4.4.

Languages: English.

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3 September 2016
I like the idea to make a simple lightbox without too much hassle, but this one does not work. Do not put it out there if it's not ready at least for some basic usage... The plugin only works for landscape sized images. Square ot portait sizes do not work. Also, at least with square or portait sizes, it does not obey the url in the link, but rather loads the thumbnail image that is already displayed on the page...
3 September 2016
Hello Thomas and Jordy, I like your plugin but I've found a bug in it: when one opens a vertical thumbnail image the link to the original image doesn't work - it displays only the thumbnail in the lightbox. Please fix this and then I'll give five stars 🙂 Have a nice day!
3 September 2016
This is probably the most simple plugin I've ever used. It works great. Does exactly what I want and is very clean and fast. Wonderful plugin (if you like really simple plugins).
3 September 2016
This plugin does what we expect. But it does nicely. No useless ugly features and working out of the box. Thank you !
3 September 2016
Simple lightbox, clean animations. Simply works. What do you think of it? Obviously, this review is biased but it is also honest 😉 Too many lightbox out there I feel so this one has to be made.
3 September 2016
It is not very good. There are a few minor bugs and lack of thinking. One of them, for example: It looks cool when the window is of full size, but then if one reduces the size of their window, the extreme right part of the image is covered and cannot be seen. I think this plugin is very new, and so obviously, it is not very good as of today. Hopefully, the plugin authors will improve it over time. And, at least put up screenshots so that people who do not like the way it looks will not bother to install it.
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  • Fix: Ajax loaded content


  • Update: Shibuya Theme
  • Update: Options for Force Resize


  • Add: Theme Support (a new theme will come soon!).
  • Update: Performance fix.


  • Add: Two new options: animate_effect and swipe_effect
  • Add: Navigation
  • Add: Swipe


  • Add: Options screen (selector)
  • Update: From selector .post to .status-draft, .status-pending, .status-publish


  • Update: Fixed the way the dynamic sizing of the lightbox works.


  • Info: Very first release.