Kirim.Email WooCommerce Integration


Kirim.Email WooCommerce Integration add trigger to gather your customer data and add it to your Kirim.Email list, so you can use it for your marketing purpose.

– You’ll need an Kirim.Email API key to use it. Keys are part of your subscription in Kirim.Email.
– This plugin need WooCommerce plugin to be activated before you can use this plugin

Any issue should be emailed to developer[at]kirim[dot]email


  1. Upload the Kirim.Email WooCommerce Integration plugin to your site.
  2. Activate it, then enter your Kirim.Email API key.
  3. Set your trigger. Done.

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Log Perubahan


Release Date – 13 October 2019

  • Fix clash with main plugin


Release Date – 19 April 2018

  • Fix UI Bug


Release Date – 18 April 2018

  • Update UI


Release Date – 25 December 2017

  • Minor update
  • Pending payment event


Release Date – 7 November 2017

  • Basic trigger for woocommerce