Kineticpay for Forminator


Install this plugin to accept payment using Kineticpay.

Tangkapan Layar

  • screenshot-1.png (Forminator >> Settings >> Payments).
  • screenshot-2.png (Kineticpay Settings Popup).
  • screenshot-3.png (Enter Kineticpay Merchent Key And Bill Description).
  • screenshot-4.png (Hit Update Settings).
  • screenshot-5.png (Close Popup And Reload Page).
  • screenshot-6.png (Go to Custom Form Settings And Enable Kineticpay).
  • screenshot-7.png (Select Bank And Checkout).
  • screenshot-8.png (View Kineticpay Transaction Details In Form Submissions).


  1. Install & Activate.
  2. Go to Forminator >> Settings >> Payments. Wait few seconds so the Kineticpay gateway start showing and then Click Kineticpay Account Settings.
  3. Add merchent key and bill description, then close the popup and reload the page.
  4. Creat forminator form with Name, Email, Phone and Currency Field.
  5. Now go to Form Settings and enable the Kineticpay swith.
  6. You are now ready to accept payments.


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