Kata Plus


Kata Plus is one an all in one addon for Elementor page builder that is fully compatible with Kata WordPress theme. Kata Plus is an all-in-one plugin that has a header, footer, and blog builder inside Styler (the new advanced tool for styling widgets) and comes with 18 practical widgets for creating different websites.


  • Control Panel
  • More Than 2500 Free Icons (Themify, Eicons, fontawesome, Linea, Material, Simple Line)
  • Dark Mode
  • One Click Demo Importer
  • 20+ Pre-designed Template
  • Shortcuts for add new page, post, template
  • System Status
  • Finder Tool ( Shortcuts )

  • Builders

  • Header Builder
  • Footer Builder
  • Blog Builder

  • Elementor

  • Styler Basic

  • Elementor Widgets

  • Text
  • Testimonials
  • Testimonial
  • Title
  • Image
  • Button
  • Icon Box
  • Spacer
  • Icon
  • Video Player
  • List
  • Accordion
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Banner
  • Counter
  • Shape
  • Logo
  • Advanced Menu
  • Search
  • Social Share
  • Author Box
  • Blog Posts
  • Post Title
  • Post Featured Image
  • Post Metadata
  • Post Content
  • Post Comment section

  • Customizer Options

  • Container
  • Fluid Container
  • Desktop Container Size
  • Labtop Container Size
  • Tabletlandscape Container Size
  • Tablet Container Size
  • Mobile Container Size
  • Small Mobile Container Size
  • Header
  • Header Builder
  • Menu widget
  • Logo widget
  • Search widget
  • Page Options
  • Page title
  • Blog title
  • Archive title
  • Search title
  • Sidebar
  • Footer
  • Footer Builder
  • Add Google Fonts Option
  • Styling Options
  • Basic Typography
  • Headings Typography
  • Nav Menu Typography
  • Styling Options

  • Page Options

  • Header Options
  • Show/Hide Header
  • Make Transparent Header
  • Transparent Header (Dark Mode)
  • Page Options
  • Show/Hide Page Title
  • Custom Page Title
  • Page Title Styler
  • Sidebar Options
  • none sidebar
  • left sidebar
  • right sidebar
  • both sidebar
  • Footer Options
  • Show/Hide Footer
  • Page Stylers Options
  • Body Styler
  • Content Styler

Pro Features

  • Control Panel
  • All free features and below
  • Access to all free, pro and fast demos
  • Fonts manager
  • Plugin manager
  • Fast mode
  • Auto update

  • Builders

  • All free features and below
  • Sticky header builder
  • 404 builder
  • Mega menu builder
  • Portfolio single builder
  • Single post builder
  • Archive builder
  • Author builder
  • Search builder
  • Single course builder

  • Elementor

  • All free features and below
  • Advanced Styler (Possibility to style elements normal, hover, parent hover, before, after)
  • Added new Responsive size for (Laptop, Tablet Landscape, Small mobile)
  • Full site editor
  • Custom CSS for all kata elementor widgets
  • Presets for kata elementor widgets
  • Template manager ( more 500+ pre build sections )
  • One page slider (under page options)
  • Advanced Icon Manager ( Possibility to add your own custom icon sets )

  • Elementor Widgets

  • All free widgets and below
  • Archive Posts
  • Author Page
  • Categories List
  • Next & Previous Post
  • Related Posts
  • Search Page
  • Social Share
  • Cart
  • Date
  • Language Switcher
  • Login
  • Hamburger Menu
  • Reservation
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Portfolio Carousel
  • Comparison Slider
  • Content Slider
  • Content Toggle
  • Countdown
  • Divider
  • Domain Checker
  • Employee Information
  • Food Menu
  • Food Menu Toggle
  • Gift Cards
  • Google Map
  • Image Carousel
  • Image Hover Zoom
  • Instagram
  • Portfolio Masonry
  • Pricing Plan
  • Pricing Table
  • Progress Bar
  • Recipes
  • SEO Analytic
  • Socials
  • Subscribe
  • Table
  • Tabs
  • Task Process
  • Team
  • Testimonials Vertical
  • Timeline
  • Toggle Sidebox

  • Customizer

  • All free features and below
  • Api Options (Google map and Instagram)
  • Custom Code ( space before head and body )
  • Maintenance Mode options
  • Performance options
  • Preloader options
  • Site scroll bar options
  • White label options

Tangkapan Layar

  • Kata Plus - Control Panel
  • Kata Plus - Demo Importer
  • Kata Plus - Elementor Frontend Editor
  • Kata Plus - Styler
  • Kata Plus - Customizer


For installing Kata Plus please follow below steps:

  1. Install Kata Plus either via the WordPress.org plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

Tanya Jawab

How to use Kata plus?

First you must install Kata WordPress Theme then using the install plugins install the Kata plus

Kata plus is compatible with other themes?

No, Kata plus was created for Kata WordPress Theme and you must install Kata WordPress theme to use it.

How to upgrade to Pro version?

You can buy the Pro version from buy.climaxthemes.com. After that do not uninstall Kata plus and install the Pro version on your website.


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Kontributor & Pengembang

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Tertarik mengembangkan?

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Log Perubahan

1.1.0 – 19 July, 2021

Added: DynamicTags for Elementor (PRO)
Added: Photoshut photo editor (PRO)
Added: Performance Options (PRO)
Added: Thumbnails for post carousel
Added: Seprator option for categories in post metadata widget (PRO)
Compatibility: PHP 8
Improvement: Next and Previous Posts (PRO)
Improvement: Loading speeds in backend
Improvement: Superfish
Improvement: menu widget
Improvement: Styler performance
Fixed: Hamburger Menu
Fixed: Blog Posts Columns styling issues
Fixed: Show/Hide Page titles in customizer > pages
Fixed: Header Transparent background
Fixed: fatal error when elementor not installed
Fixed: PHP Notice In blog post widget
Fixed: Some minor issues

1.0.7 – 21 June, 2021

Added: Animation Options for styler (Pro)
Added: Video Carousel (Pro)
Added: Search for Customizer
Added: Like icon for blog posts (Pro)
Added: Loadmore Button for blog posts
Improvement: Lazyload (Pro)
Improvement: Description of Options
Improvement: Prallax Motion Effects (Pro)
Improvement: Templates manager (Pro)
Improvement: Related posts widget (Pro)
Improvement: Login widget (Pro)
Updated: Kata icon pack
Updated: Advanced Custom Fields Pro
Updated: Essential Grid
Updated: Filebird pro
Updated: Quform
Updated: Revolution Slider
Updated: POT File
Updated: Meta Box
Fixed: Shop Elementor Widget (Pro)
Fixed: HTML validate in blog widgets
Fixed: Template Manager In Single Builder
Fixed: Some minor issues
Fixed: HTML Issue in date elementor widget
Fixed: minor issue in player widget
Fixed: HTML errors in SVG icons
Fixed: Dark Mode styling issue
Fixed: WooCommerce Mini Cart CSS issue (Pro)
Fixed: WooCommerce my account page styling issue (Pro)= 1.0.6 – 5 May, 2021 =
Added: Sidebar options for blog pages
Added: Columns gap option to customizer > container
Added: Icon for post formats
Updated: Language File
Compatibility: Elementor 3.2.3
Compatibility: WP socials
Improvement: Importer
Improvement: Page styling options
Improvement: Blog posts elementor widgets
Improvement: CSS Minifier
Improvement: Elementor Menu Widgets
Fixed: Image full size width and height when using lazyload
Fixed: Banner link widget
Fixed: HTML Validator problems
Fixed: admin icons styling issues
Fixed: Minor issue in post format icons
Fixed: Tablet landscape responsive problem
Fixed: Background image none option in styler
Fixed: Some minor styling issues in importer
Removed: Lazyload functions from backend (when editing elementor page)

1.0.5 – 27 April, 2021

Added: Post excerpt widget
Added: Audio Player for Pro version
Added: Image Lazyload
Improvement: Login modal script
Improvement: Toggle Content Widget
Improvement: Hamburger Menu Widget
Improvement: Carousel widgets
Improvement: Login Widget
Improvement: Search modal script
Improvement: Social share sticky
Improvement: Search widget
Improvement: Testimonial arrow styler
Improvement: Elementor Menu Widgets
Compatibility: PHP 8
Compatibility: Elementor 3.2.0
Modified: Default Search form in search page
Modified: Location of builders’ header option to customizer > pages
Updated: Advanced Custom Fields Pro
Updated: Essential Grid
Updated: Filebird pro
Updated: Quform
Updated: Revolution Slider
Fixed: OwlCarousel not showing navigation
Fixed: Social Share Sticky
Fixed: Responsive Breakpoints between laptop and tablet landscape
Fixed: Importer remove posts
Fixed: Login Toggle modal animation
Fixed: CSS of postmetadata widget not loading in single builder
Fixed: Elementor Frontend editor tablet and tablet landscape breakpoints
Fixed: Elementor Editore View Port
Fixed: Important not working in margin fields
Fixed: Login modal
Fixed: Header Show/Hide Option
Fixed: Styler of image in icon box
Fixed: Search widget conditions
Fixed: Search widget icon output
Fixed: Styler mini styling issue
Fixed: Preloader Styling issue
Fixed: Blog functions
Fixed: Mega menu options
Fixed: Customizer importer
Fixed: Admin menu in control panel
Fixed: Some minor styling issues in importer
Fixed: Like functionality
Fixed: HTML Validator problems
Fixed: Presets
Fixed: Next and previous widget
Fixed: Unclosed tag on blog widgets
Fixed: Some minor issues

1.0.4 – 7 March, 2021

Added: Number of items between Desktop and Tablet in widgets that support Carousel
Added: Header options for posts
Added: Header options for builders search, author, archive, blog, and 404
Added: Overlay option for team member thumbnail
Added: Widget simple gallery
Added: Author page title options to customizer (theme options)
Added: Content tab to Post Featured Image widget
Added: The ability to close hamburger menu by pressing the Esc key
Added: The ability to share posts in post widgets
Added: Widget Template Loader
Added: Help box to plugin dashboard
Added: Blockquote to theme option > advanced styling option
Added: Icon position for button widget
Added: Icon position for subscribe widget
Improved: Recent posts widget
Improved: Styler color picker
Improved: Next and previous post widget
Improved: Open WordPress navigation bar in plugin control panel
Improved: Widget and widget option labels
Compatiblity: Elementor 3.1.0
Modified: Food menu widget icons
Modified: Transparent header control option to dropdown
Modified: Subscribe widget name
Updated: One click demo importer
Fixed: Comment templates not loading on the backend
Fixed: Comment form not submitting due to JS error
Fixed: Name of Post Comments widget
Fixed: Displaying hamburger menu icon in modal view
Fixed: Overlapping of the close icon and search form in the search widget in Modal type
Fixed: Blog widgets pagination
Fixed: Loading time for pages with blog widgets
Fixed: Responsive breakpoints
Fixed: The styling icons for Pricing Plan widget items
Fixed: Fonts manager text preview
Fixed: JS Error when using Elementor responsive buttons
Fixed: PHP notice and warning in license activation
Fixed: SEO analytics widget
Fixed: Incompatibility of responsive breakpoints on backend and frontend
Fixed: Styling issue in image control
Fixed: Styler background position control
Fixed: Carousel sizes
Fixed: Unable to choose custom icon
Fixed: removed srcset from thumbnails that were custom sized
Fixed: Revert of column size after a change in scale
Fixed: Header dark transparency
Fixed: Login modal CSS issue
Fixed: Styler CSS generator
Fixed: Some minor CSS issues in admin
Fixed: Hide header in sticy header builder
Fixed: Thumbnail generator
Fixed: Importer wouldn’t download demo file in PHP 5.6
Fixed: Alternative fonts
Fixed: Add custom icon set
Fixed: Widget post title
Fixed: Widget post metadata
Fixed: Instagram CSS issue
Fixed: Blog post widgets container size
Fixed: Blog post widgets avatar thumbnail
Fixed: Default value transparency for dark header

1.0.3 – 3 January, 2021

Added: alternative webservice for demo importer
Added: subscribe widget
Added: fast demos to demo importer
Added: fast Free demos to demo importer
Added: search tool to demo importer
Added: seperator option to breadcrumbs
Improved: support PHP 5.6 and higher
Improved: demo importer style
Updated: language file kata-plus.pot
Modified: default style of blog
Modified: label of Stroke and Fill color option in styler
Modified: Help Page Title in control panel
Modified: change icon of address, email, phone and single testimonial elementor widget
Fixed: woocommerce styles
Fixed: wrong text domains
Fixed: some styling issues in dark mode
Fixed: unsanitized data in importer
Fixed: styler background image preview
Fixed: importer dark mode styling issues
Fixed: wrong speling in customizer
Fixed: After/Before content output
Fixed: wrong speling in elementor widgets
Fixed: mega menu Full width option
Fixed: wrong speling page options
Fixed: preview of demos in fast mode
Fixed: license activation notices
Fixed: login widget clickable issue
Fixed: some styling issues in fast mode
Fixed: php notice in button elementor widget
Fixed: prevent to load styler in tgm page
Fixed: php notice in counter elementor widget
Fixed: comparison slider image output
Remove: 7 stroke icon set from free version

1.0.2 – 13 December, 2020

  • Added: new style to Woocommerce cart, checkout and single product page
  • Added: new styling options to customize > pages
  • Improved: blog post, archive post, author page and search page widget
  • Compatiblity: WordPress 5.6
  • Compatiblity: Elementor 3.0.14
  • Fixed: sticky header
  • Fixed: google font api key (Access denied)
  • Fixed: styling in Metabox sections
  • Fixed: woocommerce cart widget
  • Fixed: transparent header styling issue
  • Fixed: alternative fonts

1.0.1 – 7 December, 2020

  • Added: installation notices for pro version and when elementor is not active
  • Improved: blog posts widget
  • Fixed: builder fatal errors when elementor is not activated
  • Fixed: importer builder
  • Fixed: fatal error when host not support ZIP extention
  • Fixed: CSS error in Styler output
  • Fixed: some minor issues
  • Removed: some unused css

1.0.0 – 4 December, 2020

  • Initial release