Japanese font for WordPress(Previously: Japanese Font for TinyMCE)


Add Japanese font to Gutenberg and TinyMCE Advanced plugin’s font family selections.
Now supports Gutenberg as option. Please enable gutenberg option in order to use it.
Font to be added;
Noto Sans Japanese
and more..
And If you want more font,please post a comment to page below.

Please see here for more infomation.(Japanese)
Development for this plugin takes place at GitHub. To report bugs or feature requests, please use Github issues.
This plugin could not be exist without the creator of the fonts, the people who sacrificed huge amount of their time contributing to more freeer world.
If you would like to donate, or send message to those people who sacrificed huge amount of their private time making those fonts and pubishing them for free, feel free to checkout this list. It has all email/donating destination I could collect.


Plugin ini menyediakan 2 blok.

  • u3075u3044u5b57
  • Noto Sans Japanese


Same as other plugins.

Tanya Jawab

Q ;The plugin does not work
A ;Please report it at github issue page or forum.


24 Januari 2022 1 balasan
このプラグインのアップデート(2022年1/24施行)をしたところ、WPの管理画面に全くログインできなくなりました。 「このサイトで重大なエラーが発生しました。対応手順については、サイト管理者のメール受信ボックスを確認してください。」という画面が現れ、それ以降一切進めない。 プラグインのアップデートの直後にログインできなくなったのは明らかだったので、散々いじりまくった挙句、結局最後はサーバー側からアプローチして、サーバーのファイルマネージャー→プラグイン名を書き換えて無効にする、という手段で何とかログインできるようになりました。 (逆に言うと、この手段でログインが復活したので、当プラグインのアップデートが直接の原因であることは間違いないという事です) これ、今回はこの手段を知っていたから何とかなったが、知らなくて泣く泣くWPそのものをインストールし直す人なども多くいるのではないだろうか。 物凄い労力と時間を奪われました。 あり得ない。
25 Juli 2020
I run a Japanese website, my pages used to weigh over 4MB each even though the content was pretty light on images and scripts. I decided to find the culprit and it was this plugin. Page size went immediately down to 500 kb after deactivation. Fonts make your site prettier and I don't see alternatives, but a 10 fold increase on page sizes isn't worth it.
18 Juni 2018
I highly recommend this plugin for those who want to mix Western (?) Fonts with Japanese Fonts. I was having a hard time finding a plugin that was offering what this plugins delivers: Japanese Fonts. Please keep up with the good work. My content is not the same after meeting up with this Plugin! どうもありがとうございました! jS
17 Juni 2018
自分の場合、これが無いと記事の作成に窮するぐらいに有用です。 手軽に日本語フォントを利用できるので、自分のような初級者ほど有用なプラグインだと思います。 素晴らしいプラグイン公開して頂いて、本当にありがとうございます!
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Log Perubahan

Version beta-1 ;First release
Version beta-2 ;Add light and bold font for Noto Sans Japanese.
Version beta-3 ;Add light weight font for ふい字.(1.5MB to 400KB.)
Version beta-4 ;fixed some bug (it did not fix bug. its just made new bug…..why?)
Version beta-5 ;Fixed bug
Version beta-6 ;Fixed very important bug! Please update to this version as soon as possible please!
Version beta-7 ;Fixed bug temporary(temporary repair)
Version beta-8 ;Added エセナパJ (EsenapaJ) font
Version beta-9 ;Reverted Change
Version beta-10 ;I finally made it! I added エセナパJ (EsenapaJ) font! Enjoy!
Version 0.1 ;Finally, I made it! I updated this plugin to stable verdsion! With multi site support and compatible with WordPress version 4.7,4.8 and 4.9! Enjoy!
Version 0.2;Fixed bug temporary(temporary repair again..)
Version 0.3;FIxed bug and added logo for this plugin!
Version 0.4;Fixed an important bug!
Version 0.5;… fixing bug again.. this is temporally repair. it’s goin to work, but we still need to fix them..
Version 0.6; \Bug fixed
Version 0.7; I think all bug is fixed now. in next time, I will add font!
Version 0.8;Fixed Bug… I didn’t add font..
Version 0.9;Fixed Bug
Version 1.0; Added 源ノ角ゴシック font and copyright of each font. it’s version 1.x now! holey!
Version 1.1:Forgot to put link and licence! sorry..I now fixed it..
Version 1.2:I hope I fix bug now!
Version 1.3:is the bug fixed now…? I hope so…
Version 1.4:Fixed bug now! I hope there is no more bug!
Version 1.5: edited 説明書
Version 1.6:Fixed 説明書
Version 1.7;.I hate you, bug!Don’t come to me anymore! please.. go somewhere else
Version1.8 Edited 説明書
Version 1.9 Added font! almost ready for version2.0! but Im too sleeeeeeeeeeepy..letme sleep…. If there is any bug,I will fix them morning….Goodnight and enjoy!
Version 2.0;Bug check complete. and added woff2 font for Huifont. that’s it. done. and I might stop making update for while…prety sadly. if there is any important bug, just post a comment to here and I will fix (if I can…) them as fast as possible… If there is no responce from me for 1-2week, that’s mean I can’t responce…..but enjoy and I hope see you again soon!(really)
Version 2.05;Fixed important bug!
Version 2.1; say bye to 源ノ角ゴシック.. 源ノ角ゴシック has gone now.. The sentence using 源ノ角ゴシック will be replace by Noto Sans Japanese.
Version 2.15: edit 説明書
Version 2.16 edit 説明書
Version 2.17: edit 説明書
Version 2.18: edit 説明書
Version 2.20: Added CDN option(Alpha) you can now make your website bit more faster.To use CDN option, Please click here
Version 2.30: Added lite option. you can now make your website faster by loading only two font.
Version 2.40: Added Licence and copyright for fonts
Version 2.50:You can now use font even from TinyMCE’s text editor.
Version 2.60: yay! You can use font selector without installing TinyMCE Advanced plugin!
Version 3.0: yay! no more TinyMCE Advanced plugin! you can now select font without TinyMCE Advanced plugin!(alpha)
Version 3.01: bug fixed.
Version 3.5-beta1: added 3 font and beta option page.
Version 3.5-beta2: Bug fixed for option page
Version 3.5-beta3: from now on, the font load mode is not only apply to front-end editor, but also applys to css.
Version 3.6: Deleted some option from option page. Now ready for gutenberg classic editor. I will be continue working on addinf japanese font to gutenberg!
Version 3.7: Fixed design for option page, and added option to select either load css in header or footer.
Version 3.8: Support for Gutenberg now available! (beta) and setdting page has been changed a bit.
Version 3.85: Fixed important bug caused by version 3.8, missing function availability check.
Version 4.00: Official support for gutenberg. Thanks to @ahmadawais, the author of create-guten-block tool.
Version 4.05: Rewrited plugin’s name, icon.
Version 4.10: Changed all CDN url from rawgit to jsdelivr since rawgit is now closing service
Version 4.15: Fixed bug reported by “一斗缶”, closing h3 tag and link tag on setting page.
Version 4.16: Fixed bug caused by optimization done at version 4.15
Version 4.17: Fixed looping noticing bug.
Version 4.18: Re-added font size change function for non TinyMCE Addvanced users..(Thought noone uses it, but there was.)
Version 4.19: Fixed bug: Gutenberg option cannnot be edited
Version 4.20: Implemented default font function
Version 4.21: Made notice permanantly-dissmissable
Version 4.22: Fixed Bug: Failing to correctly display the fonts on Gutenberg (Thanks to @tomoko_misaki for reporting this bug), and fixed font-loading source for Gutenberg to jsDelivr, from RawGit.
Version 4.23: Fixed Security Vulnerability: Fixed vulnerability that may occur at old browsers (Thanks to @stmkza for reporting this), and New Feature: Betaly changed source of some fonts (Huifont and TanukiMagic) to Google Cloud Storage.
Version 4.24: Reverted Source of Font(s) to Previous One as cost to maintain CDN servers was becoming unaffordable.
Version 4.25: Made Gutenberg option default & Upgraded required version to >5.0 & Updated Tested version & Added warning when Advanced Editor Tools plugin is installed.
Version 4.26: Reverted previous change of making Gutenbeg Option default as it caused fatal damage to certain websites.
Version 4.27: Improved url generation method for dismissing notices & Fixed: Advanced warning not being dissmissable.
Version 4.28: Fixed Bug: Notices not being dissmissable when wordpress is installed in subdirectory. (Thanks to @tw_toto for reporting this bug)