LottieFiles – JSON Based Animation Lottie & Bodymovin for Elementor


Elementor addon to use creative layout to your site with smaller json file using Lottie animations.

JSON Based Animation

Check below demo pages.

Main Demo Page
On Scroll Lottie Animation


  • Easy to customize options.
  • 5+ animation options.
  • Scroll based animation

JSON Based Animation

  • Autoplay
  • On Hover
  • On Click
  • Mouse Over-Out Effect
  • Scroll Based
  • Inline
  • Body

Tangkapan Layar

  • Custom Animation Options
  • Animation on Hover and Click with Link
  • Lottie is the future?
  • On Scroll Parallax
  • JSON Animation widget icon in Elementor
  • JSON Animation URL
  • JSON Animation Play Options
  • JSON Animation Iconic Layout options
  • Render Options
  • JSON Animation Style options


  1. Upload the plugin and activate it
  2. Edit any page/post using edit with elementor option
  3. On elementor widget menu, search/scroll and find the JSON Animation
  4. Drag and drop this addon, where you have to add the section
  5. Customize the options
  6. in a minute you have added the JSON Based Animation, Keep on crafting creative layout using Elementor Page Builder and JSON Based Animation for Elementor.

Tanya Jawab

Will it work without Elementor page builder?

No. It does not work without Elementor

Will it work with any theme?

Absolutely. It will work with any theme where Elementor works.


18 Februari 2022 2 replies
This is the plugin what I was searching for. Worked perfectly but my elementor pro showing a warning that it's not compatible with Elementor 3.6(latest version). Please update the plugin regularly. Thanks!
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  • Elementor 3.7 Compatibility


  • WordPress 6.0 Compatibility


  • Elementor 3.6 Compatibility


  • Elementor Tag Updated


  • Elementor Tag Updated


  • Elementor Tag Updated
  • Security related to HTML tags validation
  • Minor Bug Fix


  • Reverse animation on second click
  • Cursor option
  • Few minor bugfix and improvements


  • Loop Couter
  • Few minor bugfix and improvements
  • Compatibility with Elementor 3.0


  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.5
  • Few minor bugfix and improvements


  • Initial version