Homer – Easy Text Animations for Blocks


Add text change animations effects to any WP Block with text format button.

How to use

  1. Go to post or page where Gutenberg editor is enabled.

  2. Select the word you want to animate.

  3. Click “Text Animation” button on text formatting panel.

  4. Choose the animation you like from the list.

  5. Add new values if you want to apply text change effect.

  6. Enjoy.

⚙️ Universal: With this plugin you can add this effect to almost any Gutenberg block, thanks to the use of text formats used by blocks.

⚙️ Animations: You can choose one of the types of animation that best suits your design, and change the settings to achieve the desired effect.

⚙️ Completely Customizable: You can customize the content, speed, etc to make it suitable for your website design

Tangkapan Layar

  • Add new values to replace text

  • 15+ great animations to choose

  • Change text colors

  • Use timeline option for better UX

  • Customizable text cursor


22 Maret 2022
There are a few similar plugins out there, but I love the modal UI of this, and the fact that it integrates in-place with any text block. Superb work.
20 Januari 2022
Does exactly what it says and does it perfectly. I was tired of looking for a solution as I don't have much experience with html and css and all other plugins were clunky or didn't let you change things like font color. This is the #1 solution!
10 November 2021
This is a really cool plugin, easy to use, seamlessly integrated into Gutenberg blocks, the best of text animation. Congratulations to the developers!
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Log Perubahan


  • 8 new animations
  • Advanced colors customizing
  • Animation timeline
  • Advanced cursors customizing
  • Fix front-end dependencies bug


  • Fix docs
  • Start animations when item appear on screen


  • Initial Release