Simple Download Manager – Hizzle Downloads


This plugin allows you to:-

  • Add unlimited downloadable files.
  • Optionally protect each downloadable file with a password.
  • Restrict downloads to specific user roles.
  • Restrict downloads to specific ip addresses.
  • Restrict downloads to specific users.
  • Restrict downloads to newsletter subscribers.
  • Track file downloads.


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  • Simple Download Manager - Hizzle Downloads


  • Go to WordPress Dashboard.
  • Click on Plugins -> Add New
  • Search form “Hizzle Downloads
  • Find the plugin and click on the Install Now button
  • After installation, click on Activate Plugin link to activate the plugin.

Tanya Jawab

How do I display downloadable files?

Use the [hizzle-downloads] shortcode to display all the downloadable files that the current user has access to.

How can I get in touch?

Use the contact form on our website.

How can I contribute?

There are a lot of ways to contribute to this plugin:-

Will this work with my theme?

Yeah. The downloads list will take your theme’s default styling.


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Log Perubahan


  • Register a software versions REST API route.


  • Restrict downloads to newsletter subscribers.
  • Add support for password protected downloads.
  • Automatically update download files when there is a GitHub release.


  • Update composer packages.


  • Rename downloadable files rest controller file name


  • Initial release