Herzog Dupont


This plugin adds more elements to the element library of the YOOtheme Pro page builder.

  • Toggle Element: Display a button to hide content, switch between content or change its appearance. It’s based on the UIkit Toggle component with all its options.
  • Progress Element: Display your stats visually in an animated progress bar with a text label. It’s based on the UIkit Progress component with all its options.
  • Timeline Element: Display multiple panel elements in a vertical timeline. It has all the panel and card settings and many more style and layout options.
  • Counter Element: Display your stats visually in an animated circular progress counter. Choose from many style and layout options.
  • Flipcard Element: Display a panel element with a flipcard animation. It flips the panel on hover or click to reveal another panel with different content on the back side.
  • Image Comparison Element: Quickly compare two images with a draggable slider showing a before-after effect. Choose from many image and slider icon options.
  • Slideshow Grid Element: Display multiple Slideshows within one grid. Every grid item will contain its own Slideshow including navigations, animations and other features.
  • Lottie Element: Display eye-catching and engaging Lottie animations. Choose from a variety of triggers.


Tangkapan Layar

  • Herzog Dupont custom elements in the element library
  • Herzog Dupont plugin settings
  • Toggle Element
  • Progress Element
  • Timeline Element
  • Counter Element
  • Flipcard Element
  • Image Comparison Element
  • Slideshow Grid Element
  • Lottie Element


  1. Make sure the latest version of YOOtheme Pro is installed.
  2. Upload & install this plugin via the WordPress Plugins screen.
  3. Activate the plugin.
  4. Access the YOOtheme Pro Page Builder, the custom elements should now be available. You can select which elements should or should not be loaded in YOOtheme Pro at Settings > Herzog Dupont.


20 Agustus 2021
Have been using it for a while and really happy with it. Thanks for building it!
19 Agustus 2021
Thank you for the great and FREE! addition to the YOOtheme Element Library. I had them running long time via a child theme, nice to have them as an official WP Plug now. More elements for mobile devices would be exiting. Keep up the good work!
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Log Perubahan


  • fixed animation path in lottie element


  • added flip mode touch options to flipcard element
  • added figcaption to content.php in image comparison element
  • added lottie element
  • fixed nav if image is skipped in slideshow grid element
  • fixed initialization in Safari in image comparison element


  • fixed initialization in throttled networks and Safari in image comparison element


  • added link text option for items in timeline element
  • added full width option for buttons across all elements
  • added option to animate the element or its items
  • added slideshow grid element
  • added color options to progress element
  • raised minimum YOOtheme Pro version to 2.5
  • renamed value field to start in progress element
  • fixed update script breaks builder library in timeline element
  • fixed images not being clipped for round cards in timeline and flipcard elements
  • fixed render empty <div> if content field is empty in progress element
  • fixed link styles if whole panel is linked in panel based elements
  • removed obsolete margin classes in progress element


  • added flip mode options to flipcard element


  • initial release