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Happierleads – Happierleads is a Marketplace plugin for your website traffic


Happierleads is the platform which keeps you updated with the visitors of your website.
Happierleads is a B2B Web Analytics platform, which turns your website visitors into hot sales leads by revealing important information about them.
It will also keep track of the websites visited by your competitors’ site visitors and get insights from the audience overlap.
With adding insights, advice, some creative ideas and strategies which will help you to grow your business.

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How to get my website to rank higher in search engines?
Create better content compared to your competitors. Make your content mobile responsive. Add meta data to describe your web pages to the search engines.
Try to have a page load speed under 3 seconds. Work on gaining internal and external backlinks to your web pages.
Create more comprehensive web page coverage of your niche compared to your competitors. Mix customer keywords, your industry keywords and your region in your content to be unique.

How to rank fast in Google and increase my traffic?
Have your website domain name and sitemap.xml file registered with search engines.
Add Google My Business or Bing My Business map entries for physical stores.
Add your website address to your industry business directories.
Create new valuable content for your audience and share it where they go online.
Run multiple social media accounts with automated schedules to post when your audience is online.
Increase your visibility by creating comprehensive content for your niche.

How to get continuous traffic to my website?
Consider building a website with multiple web pages around each topic. The more the better.
Have internal links between web pages on the same topic. Share your content with social media.
Build backlinks within your industry.
Over time you will have organic, social media and direct traffic continuously.

How to increase traffic on a website within one month?
Check your website uses SSL certificate for https security, check your website has registered its sitemap.xml with the search engines,
confirm there are no outstanding issues showing up on Google Webmaster Tool or Google Search Console,
make your web pages mobile responsive, add viewport tags to your web pages, add Structured Data to your web pages.
This will increase the number of web pages that are indexed by the search engines and increase your traffic.
Start sharing content and gain backlinks for long term performance.

Why is my website traffic decreasing day by day?
Visitors using smartphones is now dominating website traffic e.g. two thirds.
If your webpage is not mobile responsive with page load times under 3 seconds for a slow mobile then you will lose your audience.
Google has a Mobile Friendly Index which you should strive to be on.
Google Analytics can show you web page load times. It also links to Google Lighthouse which shows how mobile friendly your web pages are.

How can we track traffic on out site?
If you use Google Analytics code on your web pages then you can check traffic on your site in great detail.
Visitors per day, web pages per day, country of origin, desktop traffic, tablet traffic, smartphone traffic, individual web page traffic,
time on individual web pages, bounce rate, page load speed.
You can set the start and end dates for your report.
There is an option to add annotations by date. This can be useful to note new content, new strategies, marketing campaigns etc.

How can we identify unique visitors for a website?
Google Analytics can show New Visitor and Returning Visitor side by side.
A return visitor is identified by cookies. If they use different devices or Internet browsers then they will be classed as new.


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