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12 November 2017
This plugin does not work the way it says. The author seems uninterested in answering any questions related to the plugin (like the fact it does not work), which tells me the reviews are fake which isn't surprising as there were all left 3 weeks and 2 days ago (31/8/17) apart from one which was left 3 weeks and 1 Day ago (maybe one of his friends was busy and can't do it on the same day as his other friends). Also, all the reviewer signed up to WordPress.org at the beginning of August 2017 and have not left a review for any other plugin or Theme. FAKE This also does not answer support tickets. What are you hiding. Take the plug off workpress.org and come back you've got it right.
7 Agustus 2017
This plugin pulled in all my reviews across Facebook, Google and Trustpilot, all I had to do was provide a URL for each and they appeared... So easy!
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