Plugin ini belum teruji dangan 3 rilis besar WordPress. Kemungkinan tidak lagi dipelihara atau didukung, dan mungkin menghadapi masalah kompatibilitas bila digunakan dengan versi WordPress yang lebih baru.

Google Universal Analytics


Adding Google Analytics code to your website has never been easier. Simply copy and paste your tracking code or property ID and that’s it.

Why Google Universal Analytics is better than the usual Google Analytics?

  • User ID tracking (track user across different devices);
  • Event tracking (track downloads, mailto links, clicks on external URLs and Call tracking);
  • Remarketing (Google AdWords, Display Advertising);
  • Demographics and Interests reporting;
  • IP Anonymization;
  • SSL security for tracking data;
  • Enhanced Link Attribution;
  • Custom domain configuration;
  • Disable Google Analytics tracking for specific WordPress users;
  • Older Google Analytics tracking available;
  • Tracking code customization;
  • Simplified user interface;
  • It is the new analytics standard set by Google;
  • …and more.

For more information visit: Google Analytics or

Since March 26th (2014), Google Universal Analytics plugin for WordPress tracks WWF file downloads. Every WWF file download will be tracked as an event. Save as WWF, save a Tree!

Tangkapan Layar

  • Google Universal Analytics plugin interface with additional options.
  • Google Analytics and Google Universal Analytics compared.


  1. Upload google-universal-analytics directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or use plugin search – Admin > Plugins > Add new > Search for ‘Google Universal Analytics’.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Paste tracking code from Google Analytics to the settings (Admin > Google Universal Analytics (below Settings button)

Tanya Jawab

Can I use both – Google Universal Analytics and Classic Google Analytics?

Yes. Simply enable both in the Settings page. It is totally fine to have both of them running at the same time.

I cannot see tracker’s activation button in the Settings page?

Make sure you have the latest WordPress version running and have a modern web browser. If these are not a case, try cleaning browser’s cache and cookies.

How can I update and modify the tracking ID?

The same way you entered it the first time: Admin > Google Universal Analytics (below Settings button)

How can I get support?

Fill in contact form at our website. I usually reply within 24 hours.
Also, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding Google Analytics.

Feature that I need is not available with this plugin. How can I recommend a new feature?

Submit your idea at our website.

How can I create and subscribe to periodic Google Analytics reports?

Check it out nexusAd tool.


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“Google Universal Analytics” adalah perangkat lunak open source. Berikut ini mereka yang sudah berkontribusi pada plugin ini.


Log Perubahan


  • GTM support added.


  • Small updates.


  • Bug fixes.


  • Tested with WordPress 4.0
  • Tracking data to Google is now passed through a secure connection – SSL (even if your website is not using it).
  • Enabled User ID tracking by default.


  • Support for Gzip archive (.gz), Torrent (.torrent) and ComicBook Reader File (.cbr) tracking (event tracking) added.
  • Clicks on phone numbers (tel:…) are now tracked as events.


  • Enhanced Link Attribution feature added.
  • Small fixes.


  • Google Universal Analytics plugin now supports Lithuanian and Spanish languages!
  • Due to compatibility issues WooCommerce tracking has been removed.


  • Now it is possible to set domain manually.

  • Bug fixed: Save settings issue
  • Bug fixed: WooCommerce issue


  • WooCommerce e-commerce tracking added (beta).


  • Display Advertising feature added.
  • IP Anonymization option is now available.


  • jQuery bug fix.


  • Added support for additional download extensions – JAR, PUB, MIDI, TAR, PSD, PDN and others (for event tracking).
  • Google Universal Analytics plugin now tracks WWF file downloads. Save as WWF, save a Tree!


  • Fixed issues affecting some of the websites using this plugin.
  • Ability to disable tracking for certain roles added.
  • Custom Google Analytics option added (as a separate page).


  • Completelly updated the whole plugin.
  • Events tracking is now available.
  • Tracking code can now be removed without deactivating the plugin (ON/OFF button).
  • Supports both Google Universal Analytics (analytics.js) and older Google Analytics (ga.js) versions.


  • More options in the plugin settings (admin section).


  • Important: After updating enter full tracking code (not just Web Property ID).


  • Minor fix in tracking code.
  • Documentation updated.
  • Support link added


  • Initial release.