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Genesis Dambuster


IMPORTANT: This plugin can ONLY be used with Genesis Child Themes

  • Tweak your theme template on a page by page or post by post by post basis
  • Allow the page content to be full width (edge to edge)
  • Remove the header, the primary and secondary navigation menus
  • Remove the post title, entry header, post info and breadcrumbs at the top of the post
  • Remove the post meta, entry footer, author box, comments and after entry widget area at the foot of the post
  • Remove the footer widgets and the footer
  • Remove the custom background image and color

You will typically use this plugin for landing pages, portfolio pages, etc where you want to remove extra clutter from the page because you have a specific purpose in mind and want to remove any distractions.

The full width setting allows you to have edge-to-edge backgrounds so you can make the page look more like a home page than a standard internal page

How to Use The Plugin

  1. Select the page or post of interest and click to Edit it in the WordPress Editor
  2. Scroll down to the Genesis Dambuster section and make the required tweaks to the page sections, check the Enable Tweaks checkbox and finally click the Update button in the sidebar to save your changes.
  3. If you are using Beaver Builder, switch to the Beaver Builder Editor, and edit the section of interest and change it from Fixed Width to Full Width

How to Set Up The Plugin Defaults

If you don’t want to specify all the settings for every post then you can set up default values

  1. Go to the “Genesis” section, and choose “Dambuster”
  2. Set your preferred defaults
  3. Changing the defaults only affects new pages; it will not affect existing pages that have Dambuster settings


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Tangkapan Layar

  • Beaver Builder Page without the plugin (limited width)
  • Beaver Builder Page with the plugin (full width)
  • Example of full width page without using a Page Builder
  • Default Plugin settings
  • Plugin setting in the Post Editor


  1. Use the standard WordPress plugin automatic updates system for installing and updating to the latest version or use the manual steps below.
  2. Uncompress the downloaded zip archive in [WordPress install root]/wp-content/plugins
  3. Activate the plugin in your WordPress plugins control panel

Tanya Jawab

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29 April 2019
This is a fantastic plugin: easy to use and it opens up so many creative possibilities for landing pages and other layouts. Just another great plugin by Russell Jamieson!
13 Maret 2019
Firstly, the plugin itself is perfect - it allows you to keep your Genesis theme (or elements of the theme) where you need it, and turn off other elements (or the entire theme) on specific pages, post and custom content types - incredibly useful granular control. Secondly, the support has been amazing. I have come to rely on this plugin so much, that when I installed a Genesis theme that wasn't supported I was stuck (they have a site to check support, which I didn't check)... I posted a quick support request, thinking I'd likely have to wait a long time for support - if it came at all, as it is a free plugin. However, within minutes they'd replied promising an update to the plugin later that day. Thank you!!!
23 Januari 2019
I have installed it few minutes ago. I am using Genesis Sample Child Theme and Gutenberg. After have installed it no options appear in the panel. Neither in Genesis setting and any page itself. Did I make anything wrong?
6 Desember 2017
I had been looking at getting a "builder" plugin for custom pages, when I came across this nifty little plugin. It is PERFECT! In fact with Dambuster, you don't even need a builder plugin, because using it + the built in Genesis column classes allows you to create the same layout functionality without a lot of bloat. Thanks for making this.
2 November 2017
I spent hours coding a landing page template that I wasn't happy with. I discovered this plugin, added Beaver Builder, and 15 minutes later I had a clean looking landing page that I'm thrilled with. Thanks!!
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Log Perubahan

  • 1.11.0 – Added Revolution Pro and Smart Passive Income Pro
  • 1.10.2 – Fix bug in home page setting
  • 1.10.1 – Fix bug in clearing flags on page settings
  • 1.10 – Updated for Academy Pro, Breakthrough Pro and Wellness Pro
  • 1.9 – Updated for latest News Pro and Essence Pro
  • 1.8 – Updated to show Dambuster post meta box in Gutenberg Editor
  • 1.7 – Added option to have dambuster enabled on all pages and posts by default and added support for more themes
  • For full change history see