Fuse Social Floating Sidebar


This plugin allows you to add social media floating sidebar icons which can be connected with your social media profiles.

Now you can add unlimited icons

By simply inserting links from Admin Dashboard under Settings Menu, one can show social media icons as floating on the website. This plugin provides very attractive interface
which allows you to make settings for those social media icons, in the means of :

  • Type of icons round and square
  • Animated Rotation Effect in Icons.
  • Shadow in icons.
  • Different size of social icons.
  • Widget and Shortcode

Fuse Social Floating Sidebar is providing two type of icons square and round, further there is also animation effect which looks much attractive.
You can check live demo
Fuse Social Demo

Its all depends on users choice that either he wants animation/round/sqaure or with any combinations he needs.

You can also use this plugins as animated social icons.
Its simple,unique and best WordPress plugin for floating social icons.
Fuse Social Floating Sidebar allow you to add following social icons in your website
* Facebook
* Twitter
* YouTube
* LinkedIn
* Flickr
* Pinterest
* StumbleUpon
* Google Plus
* Instagram
* Tumblr
* Vine
* SoundCloud
* VK
* Reddit
* Stack OverFlow
* Behance
* Github
and many more..

Tangkapan Layar

  • Add social media profiles links in these boxes.
  • Select icons style, square/circle. Confgiure options, like open link in new tab,sizes etc.
  • Add on hover animation on icons. Put a number to make delay in animations. Like (0.5)


  1. Upload the entire folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to Settings menu under this, there will be the Fuse Social Menu (Settings>Fuse Social).
  4. Configure the settings putting the URLs to your various social profiles, and if you want to show animation on hover, shadow,open link in new tab and size, configure it in Awesome Social Settings.


How to make icons animated ?

Go to Settings>Fuse Social from left side admin menu bar, then click on Settings tab. Then click on Animation on hover, text box will be appear and then enter value in seconds, like just enter 0.5 and it will give the delay of 0.5 seconds in animation.

Don’t want shadow in icons ?

In settings simply checked ” Don’t use shadow in icons.”, by default its unchecked.


19 Desember 2019
After initially struggling to contact Daniyel, the developer, as soon as he saw my message, he immediately responded to fix the issue, which was that a custom icon wasn't displaying a BG colour (this has been my only issue). This is a simple plugin that works with no difficulty and the one issue I had was responded to quickly by the dev. Thank you Daniyel 🙂 One point of feedback is that the contact details are slightly confusing.
16 Oktober 2018
Perfect plug in for all social media icons, brilliantly adaptable really easily and easy to change the styling to match your site. Highly Reccommended
2 Oktober 2018
pls add url validity for custom links and icons, to the settings page. See "Notice: Undefined index" not a pleasure) i was shocked for a moment)
30 Juni 2018
I have detected a fault that I consider serious: This plugin adds inline CSS code to the code of the page, instead of adding a CSS file that can later be unified and minified along with other CSS files. This affects the optimization of page load, and ultimately SEO positioning.
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