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8 Desember 2016
Amazing job. It does a great job and website is really fast now, plus you get letsencrypt on your domain. I tied on a light website without much updates, will try again on a more complex one.
4 Oktober 2016
The setup is a little bit confusing. Try first at a test site. If you want to spend some time, this plugin is simply great.
3 September 2016
It would be good if you can add support that let the ew upload media be mirror or synce to keycdn push server.
3 September 2016 4 balasan
I don't want to add "www" to my domain. How to solve "This plugin does not support enable in a blog that use root domain (e.g. example.com). How to fix it?" ?
3 September 2016
This plugin use layer7 cache, which is fastest. And this plugin can also save your traffic and bandwidth.
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