Frontend Admin – Add and edit posts, pages, users and more all from the frontend


This awesome plugin allows you to easily display frontend admin forms on your site so your clients can easily edit content by themselves from the frontend. You can create awesome forms with our form builder to allow users to save custom meta data to pages, posts, users, and more. Then use our Gutenberg block or shortcode to easily display the form for your users.

So, what can this plugin do for you?

FREE Features

  1. No Coding Required
    Give the end user the best content managment experience without having to know code. It’s all ready to go right here.

  2. Edit Posts
    Let your users edit posts from the frontend of their site without having to access the WordPress dashboard.

  3. Add Posts
    Let your users publish new posts from the frontend using the “new post” widget

  4. Delete Posts
    Let your users delete or trash posts from the frontend using the “trash button” widget

  5. Edit User Profile
    Allow users to edit their user data easily from the frontend.

  6. User Registration Form
    Allow new users to register to your site with a built in user registration form! You can even hide the WordPress dashboard from these new users.

  7. Hide Admin Area
    Pick and chose which users have acess to the WordPress admin area.

  8. Configure Permissions
    Choose who sees your form based on user role or by specific users.

  9. Modal Popup
    Display the form in a modal window that opens when clicking a button so that it won’t take up any space on your pages.

PRO Features

  1. Edit Global Options
    If you have global data – like header and footer data – let your users edit it all from the frontend.

  2. Limit Submits
    Prevent all or specific users from submitting the form more than a number of times.

  3. Send Emails
    Set emails to be sent and map the form data to display in the email fields such as the email address, the from address, subject, and message.

  4. Style Tab
    Use Elementor to style the form and as well the buttons.

  5. Multi Step Forms
    Make your forms more engaging by adding multiple steps.

  6. Stripe and Paypal
    Accept payments through Stripe or Paypal upon form submission.

  7. Woocommerce Intergration
    Easily add Woocomerce products from the frontend.

Purchase your copy here at the official website: Frontend Admin website

Useful Links

Appreciate what we’re doing? Want to stay updated with new features? Give us a like and follow us on our facebook page:
Frontend Admin Facebook page

The Pro version has even more cool features. Check it out at the official website:
Frontend Admin website

Check out our other plugin, which let’s you dynamically query your posts more easily:
Advanced Post Queries for Elementor



Installating Frontend Admin


Plugin ini menyediakan 2 blok.

  • Frontend Form
  • Frontend Submissions


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/frontend-admin directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Create a form under Frontend Admin > forms.
  4. Choose the desired form type.
  5. Configure the fields permisions, display, and other settings as you please.
  6. Copy and paste the shortcode on any page. You can also use our Gutenberg block.
  7. You should now see a form on the frontend for editing a post, adding a post, editing or adding a user, and more.

Tanya Jawab

Can I send emails through this form?

You can use a “action hook” to send emails when this form is registered: frontend_admin/save_post

If you purchase our pro version, you will be able to configure this from the widget without any code. You will be able to send any number of emails upon form submission.

Can I let users set post categories through this form?

Yes. Simply add a taxonomy field and set the taxonomy type to Category


14 Juli 2022
I had an activation issue with the license with the website. It took about 2 days to get fixed but I can't blam Frontend Admin Pro team for all of it. The first email that was sent was a typo in the email address. After we fixed the issue with the email they were able to fix the activation issue. The plugin works as designed and I like it very much and would suggest buying the plugin. I use it with Elementor Pro and it works great.
21 April 2022
I've just started using this and have been really impressed with how easy it is to setup forms and edit WP items with.
20 Maret 2022
First of all, this plugin is free. However, you need to understand, how this plugin works, in order to use it. What did I need: Frontend editable posts or tables. I wanted a frontend editable todo list for 6 different projects. How to use this plugin: You have to put the shortcode into the post itself. My first try: I used the plugin settings to target specific posts. This doesn't work. The plugin is not able to target specific posts and make them all editable in a single page. My solution: I used iframes to put together a single page with 6 different iframes/posts. I CSSed out the theme inside the posts, put the posts into iframe links into a page and then had a single page, where I could edit, in the frontend, 6 different posts at the same time. So if you need editable posts in the frontend, this plugin works perfectly with iframes. It has a ton of settings, all in the free version. My recommendation: - Premium version should be max $20/year. Bugs: - The target a specific post setting doesn't work. If I put different shortcodes in a single page, the page itself is edited, not the posts I targeted in the settings. - The shortcode only functions inside the block, where the shortcode is. The shortcode doesn't recognize other blocks inside a post, tried with Gutenberg and Elementor.
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Log Perubahan

3.7.10 – 20-07-2022

  • Fixed Woo attributes not saving properly
  • Optimized Mailchimp action
  • Changed functions prefix from “acf_frontend” to “feadmin”
  • Fixed Elementor submit button alignment

3.7.9 – 14-07-2022

  • Fixed delete button not redirecting properly
  • Fixed success message not showing at top of page

3.7.8 – 06-07-2022

  • Added Mailchimp Status field to allow user to choose whether or not to sign up to mailing list
  • Fixed post to edit not showing “new post” option if no posts are found in the query
  • Fixed neccesary scripts not enqueued if admin is not logged in
  • Removed deprecated “documents” folder

3.7.7 – 30-06-2022

  • Fixed admin css not loading in min file
  • Fixed Save Custom Fields to option not saving to correctly in legacy Elemntor widgets

3.7.6 – 28-06-2022

  • Fixed plugin icon svg issue
  • Fixed modal button calling create form modal

3.7.5 – 27-06-2022

  • Fixed dynamic value shortcodes
  • Fixed delete button redirect broken

3.7.4 – 26-06-2022

  • Added solution for cache plugin breaking acf js object
  • Added presets to form builder:
    Delete Post Button
    Post Status Button
    Delete Product Button
    Product Status Button
  • Added Favicon field

3.7.0 – 15-06-2022

  • Added option to choose Frontend Form in Elementor widgets
  • Lite deprecated all Elementor widgets for new users except for Frontend Form (if you are already using these widgets, they will continue to function)
  • Added assets for form builder

3.6.6 – 15-06-2022

  • Fixed issue with multi step product forms
  • Tweeked multi step forms to allow fields before steps that will show always
  • Fixed step tabs to only show when fields show
  • Fixed issue with multiple “ACF Fields” instances in one form

3.6.4 – 10-06-2022

  • Moved form builder section tabs to the side of form settings
  • Added User Website field type

3.6.3 – 09-06-2022

  • Added Frontend Submissions Gutenberg block
  • Fixed Gutenberg block not loading form options
  • Fixed dynamic options in url query option not being generated properly
  • Added “Save Form Submissions” on form level

3.6.1 – 07-06-2022

  • Added Mailchimp integration
  • Deprecated URL parameters setting in actions tab. Parameters can be placed directly in the url
  • Fixed taxonomy field to show “add new” button under field instead of transparent icon

3.5.9 – 01-06-2022

  • Fixed ACF Fields in multi step showing all the time

3.5.8 – 31-05-2022

  • Fixed post author permisions error in modal window
  • Fixed post_to_edit current user filter not working
  • Fixed ACF Fields always showing full width

3.5.7 – 30-05-2022

  • Added “Post to Edit” field type to allow users to easily choose which post to edit with a dropdown
  • Added “Product to Edit” field type to allow users to easily choose which product to edit with a dropdown
  • Added option to change the “frontend-dashboard” slug
  • Fixed url query post not loading field values

3.5.6 – 26-05-2022

  • Fixed User email field not updating when edited
  • Fixed username editing logs user out

3.5.5 – 25-05-2022

  • Fixed submissions shortcode not showing new submissions

3.5.4 – 25-05-2022

  • Fixed edit form links not showing in admin bar in certain themes
  • Fixed shortcodes using form keys not working
  • Added preview button to form edit page

3.5.3 – 24-05-2022

  • Added Frontend Admin edit posts to admin toolbar
  • Added public preview for forms removing the need to create a dedicated page
  • Fixed Elementor modal window styles not working due to recent change to the css classes
  • Added link to form in submissions table
  • Fixed user field values not being loaded when using url query

3.5.2 – 18-05-2022

  • Fixed hidden modal button
  • Fixed default value not including shortcodes on submit
  • Added Frontend Admin quick access to admin toolbar

3.5.1 – 16-05-2022

  • Fixed ACF Fields not saving in admin form builder
  • Fixed “confirm password” field not hiding initially in multi step form

3.5.0 – 15-05-2022

  • Added submissions shortcode to forms: [frontend_admin submissions=”{form id}”]
  • Removed bulk add fields option in form builder

3.4.15 – 09-05-2022

  • Fixed multi step error in Elementor widgets

3.4.14 – 08-05-2022

  • Fixed verification email being sent when not activated
  • Fixed hidden field removing value in edit forms

3.4.13 – 04-05-2022

  • Fixed fields showing in wrong steps
  • Fixed acf fields width option in Elementor

3.4.12 – 03-05-2022

  • Fixed ACF fields issue when duplicating Frontend Admin Elementor widget

3.4.11 – 02-05-2022

  • Fixed multi step issue with acf fields
  • Removed unecessary wrapper around ACF Fields causing fields to show on one line

3.4.9 – 02-05-2022

  • Fixed woo product forms not saving
  • Fixed status field appearing as checkbox instead of radio

3.4.8 – 01-05-2022

  • Fixed validation error when using ACF fields in forms
  • Fixed fields duplicating on submissions approval page

3.4.7 – 28-04-2022

  • Fixed form skipping validation if js error exists
  • Fixed [acf:field_name] shortcodes not returning empty if no value is generated
  • Fixed form validating fields that are displayed as hidden

3.4.6 – 26-04-2022

  • Fixed [acf:field_name] shortcodes not working properly

3.4.5 – 14-04-2022

  • Added option to validate each step’s fields
  • Fixed missing “local avatar” dynamic fields in Elementor
  • Added Option to disable submissions to dedicated database table

3.4.3 – 14-04-2022

  • Added Woocommerce Order actions: “New Order Form” and “Edit Order Form”
  • Changed CSS classes to avoid conflicts:
    “modal” -> “fea-modal”
    “modal-inner” -> “fea-modal-inner”
    “modal-content” -> “fea-modal-content”
  • Fixed permissions message not showing for non logged in users

3.4.2 – 11-04-2022

  • Fixed email verification creates duplicate entries

3.4.1 – 08-04-2022

  • Fixed user setting in permissions tab not loading users.
  • Fixed taxonomy field loading as “related terms”

3.4.0 – 06-04-2022

  • Added option to limit submissions in form builder
  • Moved permissions settings into a repeating setting for better rule configurations

3.3.49 – 05-04-2022

  • Fixed issue with editing specific post, user, or term

3.3.48 – 03-04-2022

  • Fixed default values not loading

3.3.47 – 31-03-2022

  • Fixed forms saving html entities instead of plain text

3.3.46 – 31-03-2022

  • Fixed attributes not working in Elementor modal

3.3.45 – 30-03-2022

  • Fixed modal button reloads form on every click
  • Fixed multiple modal windows breaking page markup
  • Changed the following css classes for page loading clarity:
    .frontend-admin-edit-button -> .modal-button
    .frontend-admin-edit-button-container -> .modal-button-container

3.3.44 – 29-03-2022

  • Fixed add image button not displaying if text is changed

3.3.43 – 25-03-2022

  • Fixed emails not sending when submitting multi step forms

3.3.42 – 24-03-2022

  • Fixed multi steps display errors
  • Fixed “Add Image Button” styles not working
  • Added Modal Button Styles to all Elementor widgets

3.3.41 – 24-03-2022

  • Added ability to display dynamic values on frontend
  • Added option to edit terms from related terms field
  • Fixed edit specific post not working
  • Fixed edit specific user not working
  • Fixed issue with multi valued fields in Admin Submission Approval

3.3.40 – 17-03-2022

  • Fixed delete redirect url not working
  • Added option to save specific fields to different data types

3.3.39 – 14-03-2022

  • Fixed issue with product images field

3.3.38 – 14-03-2022

  • Added option to choose fields in nested relationship form
  • Soft deprecated form title display, use message field from now on
  • Fixed delete button redirect issue
  • Tweeked default form success messages to match form type
  • Added Elementor style options for modal button

3.3.37 – 09-03-2022

  • Fixed image field’s browser upload
  • Fixed color picker and time picker breaking in multi step
  • Added filter to prevent submissions from saving

3.3.36 – 08-03-2022

  • Added multi step feature to admin form builder

3.3.35 – 04-03-2022

  • Fixed file and image based fields breaking when button text changed

3.3.34 – 03-03-2022

  • Fixed addon installer

3.3.33 – 28-02-2022

  • Updated Freemius SDK

3.3.32 – 22-02-2022

  • Fixed product author field
  • Fixed dynamic permissions option in edit button widget
  • Fixed ACF fields not showing up within a group field
  • Fixed JS not working after first step in multi step
  • Fixed required mark not showing up after first step

3.3.31 – 21-02-2022

  • Fixed column field
  • Fixed shipping attributes error
  • Added user role options to admin form builder
  • Added validation to user role field

3.3.30 – 17-02-2022

  • Fixed delete button icons not showing

3.3.29 – 16-02-2022

  • Fixed default colors for the delete button
  • Fixed woocommerce shiping fields not showing up and not saving correctly

3.3.28 – 10-02-2022

  • Fixed submission approval to edit data rather than add new data
  • Localized strings used in js files

3.3.27 – 10-02-2022

  • Fixed multi step validation error

3.3.26 – 06-02-2022

  • Fixed conflict with multi step form and repeater fields

3.3.25 – 27-01-2022

  • Fixed bug in woo delete product button

3.3.24 – 27-01-2022

  • Fixed bug in woo attributes field

3.3.23 – 25-01-2022

  • Fixed js error ‘otherSteps undefined’
  • Moved plugin folder into “main” for development purposes
  • Restored missing submit button wrapper with class of “fea-submit-buttons”
    • Fixed submit button floating to top right of the form when field widths are less than 100%
  • Fixed local avatar setting
  • Fixed conditional logic not working across multiple steps

3.3.22 – 24-01-2022

  • Added [post:author] shortcode to dynamic tags on form submit
  • Fixed multi step validating fields in upcoming steps
  • Fixed setcookie being called after headers are sent
  • Replaced tutorial video

3.3.20 – 21-01-2022

  • Fixed review option not opening review page

3.3.19 – 20-01-2022

  • Added submit button styling options in Oxygen integration
  • Fixed missing fields in multi step form
  • Fixed Elementor styles for delete button
  • Fixed styles for labels applying to checkbox labels as well

3.3.18 – 19-01-2022

  • Fixed missing fields issues
  • Fixed multi step form navigation issue

3.3.17 – 18-01-2022

  • Fixed wp uploader not working in modal window
  • Fixed delete button being followed by update button

3.3.16 – 17-01-2022

  • Fixed form submit button hidden when tabs are used
  • Fixed tab display issue
  • Fixed price field not displaying
  • Fixed url query editing current page if no object id passed in form
  • Added post status and product status as default fields in form builder

3.3.15 – 12-01-2022

  • Fixed variations field not saving data
  • Fixed post author field not showing options

3.3.14 – 10-01-2022

  • Fixed error when navigating between steps on multi step form
  • Fixed delete button not redirecting after deleting data
  • Fixed issue when bulk deleting of submissions
  • Fixed form tabs display
  • Fixed email verification sending after each step of multi step form
  • Fixed form title missing
  • Fixed hidden submit button issue
  • Fixed error with missing function in ACF Fields field
  • Improved delete data widgets confirmation message
  • Added Delete Product Widget
  • Added option to show/hide ACF admin page under Frontend Admin > Settings > ACF

3.3.13 – 05-01-2022

  • Fixed issue with form actions including emails and webhooks
  • Fixed multi step form not navigating to other tabs
  • Added validation to user email field when “set as username” is active

3.3.12 – 30-12-2021

  • Fixed missing ‘user_regitered’ column

3.3.11 – 30-12-2021

  • Fixed error with user password not saving
  • Optimized process of saving user data in the database
  • Added settings for Attributes, Variations, Download Files fields to form builder

3.3.10 – 28-12-2021

  • Fixed forms showing on post edit page
  • Fixed new user form not saving data properly, including username and password
  • Fixed form builder presets not working
  • Fixed conflict with Oxygen

3.3.9 – 27-12-2021

  • Fixed issue with Woocmmerce fields: attributes and variations
  • Fixed conditional logic of Woocommerce fields

3.3.8 – 26-12-2021

  • Fixed ‘undefined’ error occuring with uploading images without permissions
  • Improved ux for multi step form

3.3.7 – 25-12-2021

  • Minified necessary scripts

3.3.6 – 22-12-2021

  • Fixed multi step form user experience
  • Tabs don’t use ajax when “link to step” is enabled

3.3.5 – 20-12-2021

  • Changed submissions database name

3.3.4 – 19-12-2021

  • Removed link to support forum in wp dashboard

3.3.2 – 2021-12-16

  • included acf pro in pro version

3.3.1 – 2021-12-16

  • Fixed frontend_admin prefix in form shortcode copy button

3.3.0 – 2021-12-09

  • Added request for plugin review after 10 submissions, 100 submissions, and 1000 submissions
  • Fixed upgrade notice to dismiss without page reload

3.2.17 – 2021-12-08

  • Fixed submit button field not rendering
  • Fixed display name field index error
  • Fixed confirm password field showing in submission approvals

3.2.16 – 2021-12-08

  • Added all ACF Frontend features to Frontend Admin.
  • Removed dependency on Elementor. Frontend Admin is now a stand alone plugin
  • You can now create custom fields with Frontend Admin by using the form builder.
  • Frontend Admin users will now benefit from more frequent updates.
  • Fixed conflict with ACF Frontend

2.0.1 – 2020-12-04

  • Add Product attributes field and product variations field

2.0.0 – 2020-12-04

  • Fixed bug preventing post title from updating
  • Fixed bug preventing Frontend Admin options from updating
  • Added Woocommerce Variable product support in pro

1.0.6 – 2020-11-01

  • Fixed bug

1.0.5 – 2020-10-28

  • Pro Release

1.0.4 – 2020-10-24

  • Fixed errors

1.0.2 – 2020-10-22

  • Added dynamic tag to display Frontend Admin custom fields on frontend

1.0.1 – 2020-10-21

  • First Live Version – Enjoy (: