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You can find more demos here.


  • Filter unlimited columns

  • Add multiple filter categories to each column (if desired)

  • [PREMIUM] Filter unlimited rows

  • [PREMIUM] Style active filter button

  • [PREMIUM] Start filtered, right after page loads.

  • [PREMIUM] Add animations to your filtering

  • [PREMIUM] Have multiple filters on one page

  • [PREMIUM] Multi select filtering (explained in Documentation)

  • [PREMIUM] And more (see in (Documentation)

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  • Click on the grey gear icon to access the Button Settings (on the button, that you want to filter with).
  • Go to Advanced -> CSS ID & Classes -> CSS Class. Here you add the df-button class.
  • Additionally add any category that you want to filter with that button like that: dfc-[your category] e.g. dfc-cats.
  • Important: Buttons have to be in a seperate section, than your filterable elements.


  • Click on blue gear icon to access the Section Settings.
  • Go to Advanced -> CSS ID & Classes -> CSS Class. Here you add the df-area class.


  • Click on green gear icon to access the Row Settings.
  • In the Row Settings click on the gear icon the access the Column Settings.
  • Go to Advanced -> CSS ID & Classes -> CSS Class.
  • Here you add all the dfc-[your category] class you want e.g. your dfc-cats class.
  • Do that for all Columns you want to make filterable.

A more detailed documentation

Tangkapan Layar

  • This is a demo how a filterable section. You can filter every module. In the demo you can see: video, counter, image and contact form module.
  • A filterable team section demo.
  • A filterable ice cream section.

Tanya Jawab

Where can I get support?

You can get support in the Help Center.

Where can I download the premium plugin?

You can download the premium plugin here.


16 Maret 2022
This plugin is very helpful. It contains a lot of elements that would take a long time to write by yourself. You can do very nice things on your website with this plugin. I recommend this plugin! Support from the author at the highest level. Very helpful!
11 Maret 2022
I had a problem and I did not receive answers from Mr. Volk, so he contacted me via messenger and we found a solution, so I modify my comment and thank Mr. Volk who offered to refund me. We don't know how his answers disappeared, but the main thing is to find a solution.
28 Februari 2022
This plugin is amazing, and the support from Daniel Voelk is excellent, very dedicated to solving the concerns I had in development, and with a little knowledge of css you can do incredible things.
22 Agustus 2021
The support and the plugin are also amazing. I had some trouble, but the support gave me exact solutions and now everything works correctly. Its a good plugin, you should buy it.
28 Mei 2021
I have been looking for a plugin to do what Divi Filter does for a long time. I am not a programmer, web designer, and know nothing about code but, in a short amount of time, this plugin was very easy to customize for our site. Support is great! Had one small issue figuring out how to get an additional filter button and support answered quickly and gave easy clear instructions on how to solve it. Makes our tourism site look and function better for visitors.
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