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Filenames to latin


Plugin sanitizes Cyrillic (Ukrainian, Russian, Belorussian), German, French, Polish, Spanish, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Greek, Swedish, Finnish, Latvian, Estonian, Mongolian, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Montenegrin and other filenames to latin characters during upload.
Plugin converts filenames to lowercase automatically.

List of sanitizing letters:

а б в г д е ж з и й к л м н о п р с т у ф х ц ч ш щ ь ю я ґ є і ї ё ы ъ э ў ą ć ę ł ń ó ś ź ż à á â ã ä å æ ç è é ê ë ì í î ï ð ñ ò ó ô õ ö × ø ù ú û ü ý þ ÿ ß ő ű ě š č ř ž ý á é ď ť ň ú ů α β γ δ ε ζ η θ ι κ λ μ ν ξ ο π ρ σ τ υ φ χ ψ ω ά έ ή ί ό ύ ώ ς ΐ ϊ ϋ ΰ đ.


Tangkapan Layar

  • filenames converted without and with the plugin


  1. Install plugin and activate it on the Plugins page
  2. Now your media filenames will be sanitized to latin automatically


20 Januari 2020
Great plugin. Everybody can extend character set by own easily. Thanks to the author, I have this plugin on all my websites.
24 April 2018
I'm sorry to be the first to not give this plugin a 5-star rating. However, it appears that the plugin does not always sanitize the filenames of uploaded files. From my own experience, and by looking at the still open (1+ year old) support threads, it seems that the plugin does not handle files coming from OSX. Perhaps other OS'es are affected too. I've installed the plugin on many sites and now I see that on some sites there are hundreds of images with weird characters making them appear broken in many browsers. Trying to clean the mess up after the fact will be a tedious and boring job. Unfortunately, this plugin cannot be relied upon. This plugin goes through the effort of trying to map accented characters to ANSI counterparts, which is very nice. It's much better than just wiping them all out. However, in those cases when the conversion fails the offending characters are left untouched. This is very bad. It would have been better if a final cleanup would just remove the "bad" characters from the file names, like some posters in the support forum have suggested.
4 Agustus 2017
Konečně jsem našel plug-in, který zabrání mršit web klientům, kteří pořád nahrávají fotky s diakritikou. WordPress si s nimi poradí, ale při migraci na jiný hosting všechny soubory s českým názvem, zmizí... Moc děkuji autorovi Finally, I found a plug-in that prevents the Web site's clients from still recording accented names of photos. WordPress will handle them, but when migrating to another hosting, all files with a Czech name will disappear ... Thank you very much to the author
26 Juli 2017
To jedna z podstawowych wtyczek które moim zdaniem powinno się posiadać. Dzięki niej nie pojawiają się problemy dotyczące polskich znaków w nazwach plików. Wystarczy instalacja i aktywacja. To jeden z moich ulubionych pluginów 🙂
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Log Perubahan


  • Fixed Hungarian language (thanks to foldesistudio – )
  • Refactored Swedish, Finnish, Hungarian, Estonian, German languages

2.6 – 2018-11-02

  • Added special character used in Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian and Montenegrin languages (thanks to Apsolut – )

2.5 – 2016-11-17

  • Added support for Mongolian language (thanks to Jeremy Skelton)
  • Added support for Slovak language (thanks to Corneliuscz)
  • Bugfixing and adding new special chars

2.4 – 2016-10-20

  • Added support for Estonian language (thanks to Madis – )

2.3 – 2016-10-16

  • Added support for Latvian language (thanks to Degi)

2.2 – 2016-06-05

  • Added support for Finnish language (thanks to Subsup – )
  • Minor refactoring

2.1 – 2016-03-18

  • Minor changes and code refactoring
  • Published plugin to GitHub

2.0 – 2014-01-30

  • rewrite the plugin’s code completely
  • combine 2 arrays of letters into 1 associative array for easier updating
  • add exceptions for some languages
  • added Swedish letters (thanks to Leah – )

1.8 – 2014-01-08

  • added Greek letters (thanks to senortiago)

1.7 – 2013-07-24

  • minor changes

1.6 – 2013-03-02

  • added Czech letters (thanks to Jiri)

1.5 – 2013-01-13

  • fixed German letters (thanks to Bjoern)

1.4 – 2012-10-31

  • minor changes


  • added Hungarian letters


  • converting filenames to lowercase automatically


  • added Belorussian, German, Polish, Spanish and many other letters


  • initial release