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Image lazyloading by Fastseen


Fastseen is the ultimate image lazyloading solution for your website with all these benefits:

  • Crazy fast loading time, up to 1.5x faster.
  • Real image lazyloading. The original images should only be loaded when visitors scroll to them, not at load time.
  • Optimize images for smaller size.
  • Increase Google speed score.
  • Reduce bounce rate.

Why Fastseen so great?

Image lazyloading is quite hard. Almost any lazyloading plugin out there provide lazyloading-like solution, your website will display a placeholder and load the images later. It looks a little bit weird when visitors scroll to them quickly.

Fastseen is different and is “real lazyloading”. First, your website will display a small images with blur effect. Then, when user actually scroll to them, the original images will load in background and replace in their places. This helps reduce load time like crazy while keeps a natural look!

Free plan is available, it even has live chat support! We not only care about our business, we care yours also.

In our company, customer success is the highest priority. Feel free to talk with us anytime at the chat box!

Tangkapan Layar

  • Main control panel
  • Image manager
  • Lazyload configuration

Tanya Jawab

Why Fastseen?

How Fastseen works is different from every image lazyloading plugin out there. We provide “real lazyloading” solution. Your website first will display small image for faster load time and saving data usage. Only until visitors scroll, the appearing images then load original images.

Is it free?

Free plan is available. You do not need to pay any money or add a card until you decide to upgrade your plan.

Is support available?

Yes, even Free plan has live chat support! We not only care about our business, we care yours also.

What lazyloading behaviors can I config?

You can change almost anything: lazy image size, blur effect, effect duration, etc.

Where are my lazy images stored?

This plugin is depended on Fastseen, a platform-independent services for image lazyloading. Your images will be uploaded, managed and served in Fastseen server.

Fastseen serves your images by using of CDN, make it faster to deliver to anywhere around the globe.

Your data will be safe and not be shared to any 3rd parties. You can read our Privacy Policies for more information.

Can I use lazyloading effect for images or elements not served by Fastseen

Yes, you can toggle on Global lazyload config in Fastseen dashboard. Then, all the images in your website will have lazyloading effect.
Also, for any other elements (videos, iframes, blocks, texts), you can just add class fs-lazyload to them.

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Yes, absolutely!


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